Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Working With the Members - 23 Feb 2015

Dear Family,

I feel like I don't have that much to say because it hasn't even been a full week. Actually, there is plenty to say but I'm am feeling forgetful. 

We had a funny week. It felt like everyday we were teaching so many people and everyday was full of success but them we then people traveled and we couldn't teach people again and it was a different week. Like at the same time that we should have been sad that someone could be visited we found other people and the pattern just continued until we had taught tons of awesome people just one time. But this week should be more organized because we have minutes on the cell phone again. 

I have had some of the funniest experience here in the house. I am living with 3 roommates that don't know how to use money. haha. we get to a week until allowance and everyone starts to beg for loans. So every two weeks we have one week of perpetual riches and the other poverty. I imagine that it will be the same thing at college. 

So, the best thing this week was Eraldo´s Confirmation. He traveled from the beach on Saturday night just to be confirmed and go back on Sunday afternoon. as he put it, 'its difficult to stay 2 weeks without going to church´. that's the kind of attitude that all members need. We also got to plan with the church leadership about a calling and the priesthood for him. It feels really good to integrate a new member completely into the church. They even want him to go to the temple in may. 

My favorite study this week was when I read a Book of Mormon prophecy about the last days. It said that the people would be led away by iniquity and sins but the humble would be ready to follow the truth. But then it said that even these humble would have difficulties due to the teachings of men. Again I have decided that humility is such an important principle. Have we ever considered that we may still have a few incorrect principles governing our attitudes. We need to always be humble to seek the truth and put aside the other stuff. 

As I close this letter I ask that all reminders about the time be held until the very end. I need to focus on this precious time. They say that if you work really hard, when 2 years hit you feel worthy to finish your mission. I want to feel ´worthy´ to finish mine. 

I Love you all,
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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