Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chapel Cleaning 2 March 2015

Dear Family,

This was a fun week. The highlights were just small things that just made it so cool. The first thing comes with a thanks to Uncle Andy for the pens that he gave us before the mission. 

Last week President Young came to do a conference and in the middle decided to pull out and his gold pen and pencil. He said ´I love pens, good pens. look at my pens. they are from a very expensive company and are from the best quality gold.´ and then he put this into a training for us. but I thought. 
´Let me go home, ill grab my pen and pencil, hand crafted with the best care and love, made from the most sacred wood, with a delightful smell of olives and we´ll see who loves their pens more.´ I have not been able to show him my pens yet but I'm sure he will like them. 

I was also surprised by a anonymous card from the youth in our stake. The youth said that he has two brother on a mission and a sister in the Missionary Training Center and is anxious for a mission. I think the anonymous was written by my best Lil bro Daniel. It was a great surprise. 

We also had a great time this week cleaning the Church. The bishop this week needed a new cleaning group and the missionaries were the main support. After a wonderful time cleaning we heard remarks such as, ´wow, I never saw the chapel so clean,´ and after putting photos on the board, ´oh, I want to be part of this cleaning group,´ it felt really good to have helped. 

We are also helping our recent convert a lot. This was the second Sunday that he left his vacation at the beach to come to church on Sunday. He had an interview with the Bishop and should have a calling next week and is leaning so much in his personal studies. he feels very unprepared and new in this new life style but he works so hard to keep working and doing his best. 

Lastly, I didn't tell you last week but in the photo you might notice that my legs are different. I did a challenge with my district members and lost so I also lost my leg hairs. Don't worry they will grow back. haha

I love you all and wish you all at great week. Look for the small joys!

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

selfie with our new Ward mission leader and wife

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