Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Homesickness Week 9 March 2015

Dear Family,

This has been the week of most homesickness for me. And it was not even my fault. Everything was working against me to make me ´trunky´, our mission slang for homesick (when you think of your luggage). 

So, the first factors are my District. I have to follow up with 2 other duplas of missionaries and it just so happens that one missionary has 5 days until he is home and the other has 7. They do not stop talking about home, girlfriends, the finished mission, and everything necessary to make everyone homesick. I like both of them, they are great friends but i will be glad when they finally get home. 

The other factor was our new Ward Mission Leader and his wife. They are exactly the type of couple that all return missionaries want to be after the mission. She is 25 and super nice, he is 22 a convert to the church and a great worker. They live in a small apartment with a little daughter 4 months old, and they have the best loving, respecting, and energetic way of being a couple. We had a family night/ meeting with them on Monday and they helped each other cook over 25 hamburgers for everyone. Then they spend the entire meeting part leaving and coming back every time the little baby made any small noise. Then, at the ward activity on Wednesday, they spent basically the whole time flirting with each other and the last comment as ´Isn't our daughter just so cute...´ followed by kissing in front of everyone. They are just so funny. What wonderful people!

our other great happiness was Eraldo our recent convert. He fixed his motorcycle this week and came to church all by himself in even a white shirt. He even surprised up by standing up right before sacrament and giving his tithing to the bishop. He just makes us so happy every time we see him and he is feeling so great as he progresses as a member.

I don't have that much more to say so ill just send tons of pictures. 
Have a great week yáll. tons of love, hugs and kisses. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew) 

Church cleaning with a classic photo with Elder Mendonça

more hamburgers?

our ward mission leader

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