Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Partial Transfer - 16 March 2015

Dear Family,

So, yesterday was the transfer call and they said that me and my companion were going to stay in the area but then I called the secretaries because he is my ex companion just to gossip about the transfer and he let slip that i was transferred but I'm going to stay in the Zone. basically the same thing that happened about 8 months ago in my other Zone. It'll be my third area in this zone. What a surprise!

And now for the rest of the week. Last Pday, we decided to do something different. We walked 40 min to Walmart just to take a look. I ended up just thinking about home and went to but a donut. I unfortunately ended up with the worst donut I have ever eaten in my life. Remind me to not buy donuts in Walmart again. haha. But, we left and got ice-cream and it was all better afterwards. Overall funny experience. 

So, this week was particularly difficult because I had to oversee the finishing of 2 missions. I listened all week to missionaries talking about home and their plans and just a bunch of stuff to distract me. But, now I'm back to normal and ready for a change as I said the transfer. 

We also had a pleasant surprise when we got to church on Sunday and didn't have any visitors. But, little by little our investigators showed up. In the end, only one person couldn't come, because she was sleeping. But, that was just part of the surprise. My companion when with a member to our investigators house because we thought that she was sleeping at 9 when we passed the first time. My companion basically entered the house without permission yelled her name so loud that she woke up saying ´ohhh, thank goodness, lets go to my baptism.´ She quickly got herself ready and the baptismal meeting was really special. She bore her testimony afterwards and is quickly becoming friends with everyone at church. 

So, after talking to the secretary I also learned a secret that you guys have to promise not to tell. My missionary son is going to be a district leader already. He doesn't know yet and i have to keep the secret from him but it is so cool. 

I have just finished up in the scriptures my favorite part. The battle stories with the 2000 stripling warriors. They are such a great example to the missionizes around the world. especially the 58th chapter. It is so important to be obedient and have confidence in our leaders and testimonies. 

I thank everyone for the cards and support. I received the package with the clothing. Thanks for the cards and letter on Pday. nothing better than to hear from everyone. Congratulations on you Birthday Aubrey (Best lil Sister) and also Madi on the mission call. Love you all

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

eating Churros with Sister Laureana on the last day in Campos and Denise`s Baptism on Sunday

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