Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Zone of Campos - 23 March 2015

Dear Family,

The transfer news came and I had a shocker. As you remember maybe, I stayed in the zone but was told to pack up my bags. I was called as the new Zone Leader for Campos. This will be the 3 area that I have in the marvelous city. I feel privileged and trusted to watch over  the missionary work in the city. But this is also a big responsibility. I have learned that now my area has a much lower priority than the well being of all the missionaries. If our duplas aren't happy no one is happy. We are doing lots of work to keep the Zone happy and working so we can have lots of success this week and during the following months. 

As an example of my new priorities. We just spent Saturday in our area and the rest of the time we were doing interviews and division with the other duplas. This week will be the same just Friday and Saturday in our neighborhoods. The good part is we have a group of younger and excited missionaries that just want to work. We just need to pass the right trainings and they will all do everything right. 

My new companion is Elder Knudson. He is an American, that is kind of finishing the mission. It is his last transfer but he is spreading a rumor that he is going to extend so that no body knows he is going. He loves Brazil a lot and loves to work. I am told that he is the best Zone Leader on the mission so I am supposed to learn a lot from him. I am already learning tons and so excited to be with him. 

It also rained plenty in our area. Ill send a picture telling about how we crossed through a swamp to get to our investigators house. just to find out that they were not there. haha. We are so excited to work in this area. The Bishop wants us to work with the members. So, that's what we are doing. We got our home teaching list this week and are right into the rhythm of being members. The ward loves me because I played the piano on Sunday and i also gave a last minute talk. Luckily I already had one prepared and talked to the members about serving others with a reminder that we cant serve others if we are forgetting about our own necessities. Mathew tells us in the bible, in Christ´s words, that if we give up our life to the Lord we will find our life but also Christ reminds us that we cant neglect our own soul. It was a great touching moment for our investigator. i think. I had a few members, even though i already passed through this chapel, ask me if i was from São Paulo. Apparently, I successfully clouded my accent from some ears. Another six months of hard practice and maybe ill even start looking Brazilian. 

Since my companion is going home we are basically gunna use all the pday time for him to get ready for the return. He has also been doing extra study outside in the sun to get rid of his sun tan. It is hilarious. He got so burned in just 40 minutes this week. 

Well, hope you are all having a great spring. Keep working hard and never neglect the spiritual side of things. 
I love you all so much. Try not to count the days or send me homesickness reminders. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

So this is the swamped area

then there is my companion

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