Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Carnaval - 18 Feb 2015

Dear Family,

I ask forgiveness for two things. First, because of these holidays here we couldn't sent e-mails on Monday and also because this email has so be super short.

I had a normal week I guess. I think I am passing through another learning and reflection phase of the mission. But, the cool part is that the more I trust and do the right thing I feel good afterwards. I love the scriptures that talk about righteousness is happiness. Its just cool when our spiritual councils are correct.

I felt like an American missionary this week because we only had a few investigators and I took some hilarious photos of deserted streets during the holidays.

I love my mission. I get so happy to hear from you guys. A special thanks for the boxes and cards. Send the Wilkinson Family a big hug for the box. I love the cards and the news.

Below is a Picture of Eraldo. He reminds me of Papa. he bore a powerful testimony after his baptism and everybody loves him. he traveled during the holidays but called us everyday to say that he was all right and exciting to come back to the city.

Have a wonderful week. Stay healthy and happy and do something to make someone else happy.

Elder Jacobson

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