Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

When you companion is you Friend - 19 May 14

Dear Family,
I am extra happy to report an extra good week. I learned so much and just got to see so many  cool spiritual experiences. So, just let me begin.
First, our newest members showed up to the church this week and the youngest was dressed in the church standard with black pants, white shirt, tie, belt, shoes, and missionary name tag supplies by the missionaries (me). I will have to send a photo. he was so happy to get the attention and encouragement from the members.
To add to the families happiness, the last of the brothers was baptized and now we just have to pray that one day the importance of church in general will be made manifested to the parents. The ward is helping a lot to encourage these young examples in the church.
We also are teaching a young woman who has fear of water because of an incident that occurred when she was a child. We taught a lesson in front of the filled baptismal font and stressed the importance of asking for help from our Father in Heaven. Using a chair that she had to elevate with just one arm until she gave up. she finally had to ask for help. She decided to pray alone after the lesson and left the room 20 minutes later crying with joy because of the response and the comfort she had felt.
Finally, we met a inactive family that lives kinda far from the church. one day looking for another address, the daughter of this family stopped us and eventually promised to visit the church. Even though the address we were looking for did not exist we both feel like the real goal in walking that way was to pass her house and talk with her and her family. The whole family has promised to go to the church with us next week.
Ultimately, I had been feeling kinda unloved by some of the members and i could figure out why. Because of the super-outgoing character of my companion i had been kinda left out of the picture. Word even reached me that I looked like a stiff, robot (which can easily be true at some moments depending on the situation, especially when compared to my companion). we had a very nice and uplifting talk together about how I could work extra hard to just talk more and make fun of myself so that in the future I can break the ice faster with people. As me and my companion have worked some of these things out we have just gotten so close and I am really seeing the power that a unified companionship can bring. We completely trust each other now to say almost whatever we want. This is an especially good thing considering how isolated we are from the mission and other missionaries. It is my goal go get this close with all of my future companions.
But, anyway, i am just super happy and anxious to see how things will pan out at the transfers next week.
Love, Elder Jacobson

our district in Nanuque

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