Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Starring Down the Next 7 - 12 May 14

Dear Family,
Maybe you know what the title is talking about. There are 7 months until Christmas and the next phone call. Hopefully the phone call doesn't come any earlier or that would mean that I was coming home. Which isn't going to happen.
I was so grateful that we got the computers working yesterday so that I could catch up a little with my family. You never know how much you miss them until you miss them. I apologize that I didn't keep very strong contact with Brealynn when she left to college.
I learned the importance of talking to your companion this  week. I have decided that the companions that work out the differences are the best and the ones that work despite the differences are not as good. Sure patience is a great thing but it is so much better when you don't have to use it unnecessarily. Me and my companion are better friends that ever now.
This week was great as we worked to hard to teach our 3 investigator siblings. They can be quite a handful but they wanted to be baptised so bad because of the older brother´s example. We managed to teach with the promise of magic afterwards and after they passed our quizzes. Then we celebrated 2 birthdays on thursday and reviewed everyday about going to church every week and staying firm until the end of their lives. The adamantly promised again to keep their commitments. Then after changing the time of the baptism 3 times and getting everyone to agree we got everything ready for 4oclock. Then the baptism started at 5 and everything when perfectly after that. Me and my companion sang(I have forgotten if this word needs to be sang or sung) a duet in portuguese using the guitar. We were complimented by everyone. But, my companion did everything I just provided some low notes that he couldn't get.
We sang again at church for Mother's day ´Love is spoken Here´   Also good and went directly after to lunch and the skype call. Finally got the computers working at about 4ish and the rest is history.
We are looking forward to a great week with cooler weather and great investigators.
Sorry for the short letter, I feel like I said everything during the skype call already. The Family will pass on the extra juicy details.
Elder Andrew Jacobson

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