Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mission in the Farm City - 5 May 14

Dear Family,
So, i'm living on the farm officially. Ok, it´s not that bad but it sure does feel like it. So, the our second day we decided to walk around our entire area. That will be the first and probably only time that I get to see my whole area. It is just so small. 25 minutes to walk from one end to the other. It is almost hard sometimes to find people that haven´t been to the church to visit before. Almost everyone has seen us before and over 80 percent know exactly where the church is. much easier to invite people to church.
We also have the awesome responsibility to keep the other missionaries 10 recent converts active. At first it was looking kinda gloomy because we couldn't find any of them but know we have made contact with all of them and are so happy that the ward it taking such good care of them all. Overall, I am so happy to see the willingness of the really new members to stay active and humbly learns this new lifestyle. I never has been and never will be an easy thing to follow the example of Jesus Christ.
I really don't have much to say in preparation for the skype call. It looks like I will be able to start at about 2:30- 3:00. I am super excited to share the next phase of the mission with you guys and prepare for the next very long 7 month gap. good thing that only happens once.
OH, the reason that I gave this title. So, about 70 percent of the people here work with sugar cane and on the outskirts of the city we have lots of farms. We decided to visit some of the outskirt farms and actually got one potential. It is also kinda funny to adjust to the very slow lifestyle. Church started at 9:15 instead of 9 and everything is just slower i don't know how to describe it. Overall just very peaceful and carefree. At least people seem more able to visit the church with much less busy schedules.
But, I have lots of Photos to send and the skype call this week. Until Sunday.
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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