Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Emergency Transfer oh no! - 29 April 14

Dear Family,

So, I had a great week working hard and sweating a ton, it even got kinda cold this week, no one went to the church to visit again and then the worst news of all. You are getting transferred tomorrow at 8 in the morning.

We quickly passed by all our investigators so I could bare my testimony and leave them the best wishes. I packed up all my still dirty clothes and stuff and tried to pass a little time with my companion and other roommates. Didn't even give me time to think about what was happening.

Then after a very long 9 hour bus ride we hopped off the main road into `MY CITY`. I say my city because we are separated from civilization by 20 miles on both sides without cell service and we are very luck to get internet today. It was crashing every other hour today. But, then i started to notice just how awesome this is going to be.

I have a super cool companion. A missionary from Chile. He has 9 months on the mission so I was put back as Junior without complaint. This city has 8,000 people. and takes about 30 minutes to walk across. Super awesome. Last night I was able to see the stars. It is so beautiful. We live right next to the Branch President and his wife. So far the members are awesome and everyone helps. Since they don't have much more to do. haha. you guys should look it up on Google. It is in the state of Minas Girais, the city called Serra dos Aimorés. I am going to have so much fun. It is just so quiet and peaceful. Exactly what i imagined out of a brazilian mission.

I was also sad to leave my other área because I was leaving a potential 8 baptisms after 3 months of just plain tough work. But, I don't dwell on the past. I have such a bright future. I can't wait to Skype and see everybody. The mission is passing so fast. Especially when I look back. But, I just want to look forward and really soak it in.

I am not sure if i said that i received the Ward letter bomb. I loved it. I replied with a card too. I hope my cards are making it.

Well, I love everyone and hope the for another week full of excitement.


Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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