Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Lesson on Trust - 26 May 14

Dear Family,

This week has really been a week. It wont be remembered as my happiest or saddest but the week that I learned a very valuable lesson. 

Just when my companion and I thought that the transfer would end perfectly and we would stay together for another transfer, the missionaries nightmare happened. Out of what we thought was no-where, my companion was accused of kissing a member and passing time inappropriately with another young woman. All of these stories came to our attention the day of our baptism. We passed almost the entire day trying to resolve these problems at the church. Even I don't understand completely all that happened. In the end, however, a conclusion was reached. The member had seen what potentially could have been but what wasn't a kiss. unfortunately, there was another young woman that literally out of nothing declared her love for my companion and decided to end her other relationship because of it. This made the accusations even more heated and confusing on our part. luckily, we put our trust in the right place, talked to president, and my companion was transferred again. 

But, now for the part about how I learned my lesson. At the time that the entire branch was losing trust in my companion, doubts started to creep into my heart also. i began to doubt and i lost the trust of my companion also, until we finally did the right thing and talk. Then, I learned the complete story. I should have had no reason to doubt, but I let satan put those doubts in me. 

Trust is something we need in our lives. First, we need to trust in God. He will never lead us astray. Then, we need to establish relationships on the basis of honesty and trust. you cant have trust without honesty. We need to be honest at all times even if it might hurt. that is were humility and patience comes in. but without trust no amount of humility, charity, or patience are going to really fix the problem. 

This week also had many miracles. the baptisms both were successes. One, a young adult called Rosi has been visiting the church for 3 years and was able to overcome her fear of water with a personal prayer in front of the baptismal font. After 2 hours of crying before the baptism, a priesthood blessing gave her the courage and she let me baptize her. With the other young adult, I learned that the angels really do prepare people. Before our first visit, he had already prayed and received a response that this Church is true. 

In the end, just know that I am still happy. There will not be a problem with me staying here in this area and my testimony is as strong as ever. 

I love you all and wish a wonderful week. I am so grateful for my family the love and trust that we have. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

This is Rosi

and this is Kemil

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