Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

American Companion Again - 2 June 14

Dear Family,

It always makes me happy that to pull up all your emails I only need to use the letter J. I am at a new level of happiness after the rough finish with my last companion. I have another american companion. We actually got our call the same time but he served a little in the states. We are working great together. It is awesome to have a companion that wakes up with me and exercises and studies and leaves at 10:30. Everything a missionary needs to do. Im just a happy camper again. 

I have really noticed something so cool about him. I am convinced that the spirit is with him and helps people understand. I know that we both have tough accents but this week I was convinced that the gift of tongues was used. We where teaching a lesson and instead of saying the word ´espelho´ he said `spira´ kinda close right but not that much. both of our investigators understood without a question and the lesson was just so sweet. when we asked how they felt they said that the feelings were indescribable. It is also cool to know that this experience was a response to prayer. During companion study we decided to do a test to grow our faith. we prayed that we would meet someone during the day waiting for our message. These people were sitting in the street not really doing anything but relaxing in the shade. I really think they were touched by the spirit to be outside at this time. 

But, we are also passing through a lot of pressure. Even though the mission president told us just last month that we cant baptize someone that hasnt gone to church and we cant baptize after the sacrament meeting on the first visit, we were challenged to fill the font and keep if full inviting everyone to be baptized on the same day. I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do but we just obeyed. Even though many other missionaries would just argue with the leaders we decided to just do it and talk with them in a spiritual setting. It is always much better that way. 

Another one of our goal this week is to help complete two of the families that have husbands that aren´t members. It worked and both of them went to church. I hope that this transfer the spirit can touch them and the branch can have more than just one complete family. 

oh, more about my companion. He wants to learn how to fight and has been practicing by punching the brick wall with his bare hands. He is a super nice guy and has lost over 40 lbs on the mission. Neither of us has music but i have never been a fan. I am teaching him the magic that I learned from my last companion and he really likes it. He is actually really opposed to the things that are happening on the mission but he doesn't let it show. I think we will end up being friends after the mission too. 

But the other told me we have to run. President is waiting on us. Until next week.

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