Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 24, 2016

We Found Cake - 13 April 2015

Dear Family,

I just think that this was just a fun week. We got to work really hard with all of the missionaries here. clearing our barriers for some and helping other do more. We really felt the teamwork go as we worked with each dupla, everyone accepted councils and trainings and challenges to do more. It just made me happy. 

So, now it is official. My companion is going home here in two weeks. He has been the best example to me of a missionary that has loved his mission. He has never wanted to leave and was kind of crushed when he couldn't extend. He is teaching me how to love even the difficulties and every part of the Brazilian culture and personality so you can just love the people more. I may have needed his example before but I was glad to have it now. Better late than never. He email is if you want to thank him for being my companion and the great example and mission that he is completing. 

I had a great time during two divisions this week. We got to travel 2 hours and helped two duplas in their work. I feel like the Lord especially blesses us and prepares are day to have lots of success on these days. I worked with two great missionaries that are just loving the mission but having some troubles with the heat of the city and the coldness of some people. It was great to be with them. 

Then, the next day i met an awesome woman that upon going to the church asked if she could be baptized earlier than Sunday. It was awesome to see how much she was touched by the spirit at church. 

We are learning the importance this week of our church leaders in our teaching experience. We have been kind of losing contact with some really good investigators and sometimes they are kind of nervous to tell us the perfect truth sometimes. We handed them over to our Ward Mission Leader and he is managing to have contact on a closer level and help us out with these people. Never think of yourself as an unimportant person, member missionaries. Feel free to talk to the missionaries and ask for investigators numbers for them to have more support. 

I love you all and ask a big thanks for all the inspiring words and scriptures that touch my heart each week. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

Our division in Itaperuna

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