Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Final Conference - 6 April 2015

Dear Family,

I just finished looking at a some of the pictures of Mike and Cara´s wedding. I wish the best to you two. Mike, you have always, despite our distance separation, felt like an older brother to me and a wonderful example. I wish you both the best in the next marvelous phase of your lives. Love you tons. 

My highlights for this week was our zone wide efforts to get the standard of excellence this week. (The standard of excellence a list of goals for lessons taught or people at church that our mission president challenged us to do every week about 6 months ago. Since then very fez times missionary duplas have been able to get it since it is pretty difficult) so, going into the week we knew it was going to be difficult. As far as our dupla went, despite or day and a half loss because of a meeting in Vitória, we managed to get everything except 1 person at church. It was so frustrating but i loved to see the success from the other missionaries. 3 duplas in the zone managed to get all of the numbers and 8 of 10 ended up with everything that didn't involve people at church (obviously the hardest part). it was just great to see the hard work from everyone. 

We had a great meeting in Vitória as i said with president this week. We were learning how to resolve problems in the mission and making progress in some areas. We all just kind of learned that when you have doubts, go the scriptures or the manual to help you. There is not always an exact answer but certainly there is help and you can make it happen. it is the same thing with all of us. Sometimes we need to seek the scriptures diligently to find a solution to our challenges. 

I loved conference even though I had to miss plenty of parts and pieces. I especially liked Elder Hollands talk and was kind of confused as to why I didn't see President Monson. But, I loved all of the talks and was feeling kind of trunky at some points with all the marriage talks. In the end it was great. 

I hope you all have a great week and I wonderful reflection about conference.
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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