Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Using our Recent Convert - 21 July 14

Dear Family,
This week was so tiring and full of work. We made a challenge with our district leaders to get tons of new investigators. Both our companionships have had a difficult time finding new people. We succeeded and ended the week with 17 new investigators. I don't know if that was a record for me but it was a lot. We started each day with a prayer specifically to find news and challenge all of our existing investigators. We showed up saturday night with 11 people confirmed to go to church. Unfortunately only 1 went. But, that didn't stop us. We went to his house and marked a tentative baptismal date. His fear is his entire catholic family but he is super good.
We have been continuing to use our recent convert to help us out. He gave us 3 references this week and has been inviting all of his friends to go to church and be baptized. Better that a missionary right? Even when his friends don't go he still continues inviting everyone. It is so good doing visits with him too because he has visited every church that exists in the city and has a super strong testimony. Visiting him this week he promised us that he would baptize one on his friends before we leave. Its so funny and awesome.
We got to play soccer last p-day against two young adults in the Branch. Even though we lost 15-8 we had fun and they said that the brazilians got some revenge on Germany. I ended up cutting both of my big toes but they have healed up nicely. Today we are going to a neighboring area to play soccer with other missionaries. Maybe we can show off our new soccer skills. hahaha
The activity night that we started here is also working great. We had over 25 people here this week which is great considering that we have a frequency of about 35 at church. We also got 2 references because of it and we have been stopped by kids in the street asking if they can go too. of course! We will have to find a better food to bring this week because the popcorn was terrible. Send ideas if you have any. Also ideas of fun games with a group that are easy to explain.
I have gotten to talk to Sister this week a few times because of our broken shower. She is such a nice person. She asked my name and when I said it she was like oohh, i remember you, what do you need? She talked about the day we had planned. That particular day we had 6 lessons marked and ended up being a great day. She was just so interested in our work and how we are doing. I have absolutely no fear to talk to this Sister. haha. I liked the other Sister too. btw Sister is President´s Wife. Just to clear that up.
Well, i don't have that much more to say. i working hard, having fun doing it, and happy to be out here. i have a new dream to go to an area that has never had missionaries. i think that would be so cool. Ill talk to president about it if the chance comes up.
But, have a nice week everyone and keep enjoying the summer. Sorry, no photos this week. Im just as pretty as ever haha
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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