Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Two Germans in Brazil - 14 July 14

Dear Family,

Despite the 3 pdays this week and the awkward day on the street during the final game we accomplished probably the biggest step to help this transfer out.
We had a great weekly planning session and have changed a lot of things in the house to invite more spirit. We are both working on being worthier and thanks to a surprise letter from my mommy we are really going to use this week to plead for divine assistance instead of our own.  I have seen the impressive results of prayer and faith during the mission and i don't know why I don't use it more, all the time. 

I got my package. What a fun week eating american cereal. I had to buy milk because i almost never buy milk. I accidently ruined the first bowl with spoiled milk but the rest went perfect. The only problem was the speed at which the bag became empty. I haven't weighed myself but i think i have managed to lose a little of the fat i was adding to my stomach. oh, the cereal didn't help much. I also had to buy açai for my companion because I didn't manage to get my six-pack back before the end of the transfer. 

i don't know how I forgot to say but we are going to stay here in Serra dos Aimorés, still my favorite area even after 3 transfers. Our companionship is going great. After the tragic loss of Brazil to Germany 7-1. a loss so big that has never happened in the cup. The people were feeling kind of ashamed because of their team. Another 3-0 loss to Holland didn't help either. But brazil will lick its paws until the next world cup. I was happy that Germany won but with our companionship here it is kinda funny. We were walking in our pday clothes with a soccer ball this week and were called Germans the entire walk to a members house. It is kind of fun to tell people that I have already lived in Germany. 

This week we also were helping and trying to use a less-active to find some new investigators. he is a priest age young man that really loves the missionaries but had been feeling abandoned. We just visited him one time and now he talked to the Branch President about baptism and he went on divisions with us three times this week. His friend told us he will work on his problem with alcohol and give us a response about his baptism. Ariston, the less actives name, also showed up at church complaining about how lazy his 4 friends that he invited were. The key is to not get sad but imagine if every member was putting pressure on 2 or 3 friends to visit the church every week. Even though reactivation is not a huge focus in the mission right now, we are kinda forced to here with the huge number of less actives. 

I had a funny comment that I made to my companion this week I wanted to share. I was kinda complaining that with our washing machine broken I was doing laundry everyday and with the clothes lines and the wind my garments kept falling on the ground. I said ´i feel like i am losing garments. have you been taking mine?´ just jokingly of course. Then i said. I feel like i have been cursed like the nephites for not taking the best care for them. the lord has made them slippery and I lose them everytime i leave them unattended. 

Well, this week we accepted a challenge from our leaders to get the most new investigators. We are going to push really hard to find tons of news and also families because they count double. If i lose one more challenge to  this leader I am going to cry. This would be the third time that we lose. 

But, that was the week. Keep enjoying the Pageant season wherever you may be. Love you all
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

me and the new president and wife

This is an 8-year-old girl that chose me to baptize her. It was a great experience in the Branch

Men in Black missionary style

Have a nice week. Me being happy

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