Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Paul the African - 28 July 14

Dear Family,

It has been another great week. We taught many lessons with our investigators but there is one man that has really marked my mission. His name is Paul. He is an african immigrant that speaks English. That already made him special but then we learned about his spiritual journey. He has been a devoted christian since he learned about Jesus Christ in Africa. He travelled to Brazil because of an invite from a friend and also to escape the 12 year civil war. He was very interested at all the churches here and started visiting. After about 4 months he decided that he couldn't find a perfect church but went to the church of his friend. Then he decided that religion must just take away from his ability to have a personal relationship with God. He are now teaching him about the Only True Church. He is a perfect investigators and we are going to really have to rely on the Book of Mormon and the Spirit to convert.

I got to talk at church this week too. It seemed like a common thread in me and Bryan and Dad and Daniels week. i spoke on sacrifice. i was told I would be the third speaker so I prepared a lot. but then the district president made a surprise visit. i was glad to give up 7-8 minutes of time to let the branch hear his words. I love preparing talks but giving them is still not my favorite thing. 

As it has rained here I tell my companion every downpour that i will buy an umbrella. but when we are in the city it is never raining and I always forget. We have been at it for about 2 months now. At least he has been really nice and sharing with me. Dont worry. ill buy one this week. 

It was kind of a bummer this week as we planned a big activity at the church. We went to the bakery to buy tons of donuts and planned on watching a great movie and then 2 things went wrong. almost no one came and the member forgot the movie. That called for a on the spot message and then we all got tons of donuts not a bad thing. Despite the donut splurge I did loose 5 pounds this week do to diarrhea. teehee. It lasted from monday last week until friday. teehee but now it is gone. i hope everyone else had a great stool week. Daniel, hows it goin man?

Thanks for the letters this week. Don't loose hope we will both be home not this year but just the next year. teehee.  budoombaaabaah baah. i'm lovin it

Elder Jacobson (Andrew) 

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