Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 24, 2016

UPs and DOWNs - 29 June 2015

Dear Family, 

This was a great week. I learned a lot and I grew. That´s what´s most important, right? Well, ill just give a touch up on the important points of the week and then I just wanted to leave my summary of new parts of my testimony. 

First off, we unfortunately lost our amazing Michel. Basically we have not been able to talk to him all week and his wife, we discovered, does not exactly want to talk to us. It was a disappointment but we got over it. We are going to write a card to him and see if he will respond. 

Anyhow, we had a great experience this week exchanges. We were able to go with Elder Costa and Elder Conde. A dupla with about 7 months of mission experience combined. As a dupla they had been working together and searching for a way to work more effectively and in a more focused manner. They told us in the division that during the time that me and my companion are here and during the trainings they both felt that these responses were received. That just made us both so happy that we were able to be placed here to help these two excellent missionaries. 

We also had what was the best ward activity of my mission this week. It was a Millionaire game and since in Portuguese the word million is also the word for a large piece of corn they had a corn bakeoff. I found out that our Ward mission leader is the recognized best chef in the state and he made an excellent corn on the cob. 

The next day we had interviews with president. I have never been so converted to the principle that our leaders are higher up and know things because they have a better angle and vision. He is a very inspired man and a wise leader. I would like to one day be like him. Even though the interviews are marked to last 20 min, mine was just under 50 and I enjoyed every minute. 

Overall, this week I learned about patience and love for others. Along with these stories there were plenty of times this week that I was not so happy with some people. We asked that some things could get done and after several days of repeating the request we became impatient. But, I was able to think today about how many times My Heavenly Father expects more from me and I don't do it. I learned again to see the bright side and acknowledge to others that positive part. I learned about the immense patience that God has for us. 

Know that I am well, not trunky, and very happy to be here and learning these things. I love you all and thank you again for the support. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

PS, I learned this week that the box was sent back. it might end up in Texas

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