Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Elects are Prepared 22 June 2015

Dear Family,

This week was basically the most normal week of the mission except for one thing. Michel

Michel is a 24 year old man that lives with his wife and daughter about 4 minute walking distance from the church. He studies a lot and was also working plenty up until this Sunday. I believe he will end up being my favorite investigator. So we met him on Thursday and despite already being late to his class he accepted to hear our short 5 min explanation about the church. He liked the summary and understood very well that when he knows that this is the true gospel he should follow it, putting his faith to the test, and be baptized. He asked for a pamphlet to read and we gave him the Restoration pamphlet with our number and he said he would like to go to church. So, we got his number and ended our brief exchange. 

Unfortunately he was busy until Sunday and we only got to talk to him on the phone. But he was excited for the visit. Sunday morning he had two road blocks. First his mother-in-law got sick and needed medicine and also his wife's family all came to visit but he remained firm in his decision to visit the church. on the walk to church he surprised us by giving a summary of the pamphlet and showing his comprehension about the importance of the priesthood (which is typically the most difficultly explained doctrine) he also said ´até fica perto para a gente´ referring to the church which means ´oh, the church is even close for us to get to´ an obvious sign that he is thinking on being at least a frequent visitor. 

Then the church visit was great, we found out that a member was one of his favorite teachers from college that has just 4 months prior become a member and he left the last class saying how he loved that the church focusses on how to make us all better people. He says that with all the teachings he actually feels capable of fully improving his life. Knowing that we would not have much time during the week to teach him, we quickly summarized the Word of Wisdom, which talks about basically coffee and drinking, and told him we had a very special invite to give him. To this he responded, ´baptism´ (And the heavenly choirs in my heart shouted hosannas as heard these words).  He accepted a date for next Sunday and cleared up time in his schedule so we can visit on Tuesday. What a man!

 I am so touched by his humility and receptiveness to the spirit. I look forward to years of friendship and spiritual experiences with him. 

But, that was basically my week. I don't even have a picture to send. Please forgive me. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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