Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Finding Planted Seeds - 15 June 2015

Dear Family,

This was a really fun week but also I have never been more tired. It was really the spirit and just adrenaline that kept me on my feet until Sunday night. 

I have started off the week with a great fear. This ward gives us so much food I'm am sure I'm gunna get fat. Lunch is huge and every house that receives us has food or sweets just to make us happy. My companion is on his 30 days until house diet and refuses all the food and it comes down to me to not disappoint the entire populous. Not  fair. But I will restart up my exercises and try to keep it under control. 

So, we had another inspiring meeting with President Young and we learned a lot about looking for the mature seeds or in our training the mature bananas. Sometimes we end up teaching lots of people in our missions but in order for us to touch more lives we need to look for the people that are ready to be touched. We cant just force it upon everyone. We also learned from our excellent Assistant about working with members and how to strengthen the ward as well as our investigators. All of this inspired us to work really hard with these points. But, after the meeting talking with the assistants we agreed that the mission is a lot less animated as it used to be. We are not leaving meetings with the same kind of energy that we had and the mission is feeling the difference. So, we made a plan.

Two days after this meeting was our Zone Meeting and it was much different than all the other ones that i have prepared. We had very simple and direct trainings. The two missionaries going home gave powerful testimonies and then a miniature pep rally inside the baptismal font. (without water). Followed by inspirational videos and an awesome testimony by Elder Eyring. The assistants affirmed that it was the best one ever. We were so happy that it worked out but also it was a lot of work. Waking up at 5:30 and then not getting out of a shirt and tie until 10 at night. and the next day was church so no resting there. 

We also had a really special baptism on Saturday. About a year ago Elder Mitchell (my trainer) passed through this area and was teaching a family. Well, now we are here and this family decided that they have received the response and want to follow it. Marriage ceremony in about 5 weeks for the parents and there son was given the Holy Ghost yesterday. What a great family!!

Lastly, I am working on that little my family pamphlet and wanted to ask for help from all the relatives to send pictures of aunts/uncles/grandparents/and cousins. If you have these pictures just reply to this email with a photo so I can print it out and use it in the pamphlet. 

Well, I wish everyone a great week and a great move for the Jacobson Family. #partiuvirginia

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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