Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Old Village - 8 June 2015

Dear Family,

I have been transferred. My new area of service is Vila Velha or Old Village. I am with Elder Lemhi, an excellent missionary with unfortunately only 36 more days on the mission. He has served over a year in this Chapel and the areas around it so he is definitely being my guide. 

We started off great. The members here are awesome. We did an activity on Sunday and over 12 men showed up. This never happens. It was really fun to see their excitement. Also, there is a recent convert of just 3 months that is already using suite and tie and active in everything. It was so cool to see. 

I am also teaching a very special family that believe it or not was first found by my mission dad Elder Mitchel. After 1 year this family was able to work through the marriage process and should get married early next month. I am so excited to send a photo to my trainer with his family. 

This week we also had the privilege to teach an investigator that has already planned out her life to be a missionary. She is such a great convert. She says. I am just following commandment - go and preach unto all creature the gospel. it is so fun to see her excitement. I told her that if she goes to João Pessoa Brealynn could train her at the end of her mission. 

I just love the time here to help other follow the gospel. There is no way that I have to thank my parents and their parents for leading us to be the people we are. That is why we have families so that we can learn and help each other out. I love you all so much

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

this is Luana the already excited missionary

new district of Vila Velha amongst us is my ´mission grandson´

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