Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trust in the Help from Above - 20 April 2015

Dear Family,

So, I don't know if you guys know this but this is going to be my companions last week and he has been more than a companion to me. A spiritual giant, a helpful friend and a teacher. Just by his example alone i have learned plenty. 

He decided when we got here that we wouldn't tell anyone that he was going home so no one would consider him a ´dying´ missionary and it totally worked. We worked really hard, the members loved him for him instead of the kind of fake idea that every missionary reaching the end is just tired. But he had to break the news eventually. He decided to tell the bishop first and broke the ice giving him a jar of peanut butter. It brought tears to everyone´s eyes to hear him express that his mission has come to an end. The realization that he never wanted to happen and just had to come. Then he was asked to talk and broke everyone´s hearts as he told the news. They say that a talk is only good as long as it stays in the time limit but this was the exception. He spoke 15 min over the meeting time and not a person was focused on the clock. I loved every part of it. So today is our last p-day and we will try to keep his mind off the house. 

I was also asked to speak in the meeting and was given about 13 hours of preparation time, having received the call on Saturday night. I said a prayer for a simple inspiration and was shown the story of Jonas and the Ninevites. I loved how the people were able to repent so quickly and humble themselves before God. If only we could always do that. 

But, I also felt some other help this week. He started off with lots of potential for success this week and it was slowly losing its thunder. We did tons of division and tried to get things going but we ended up with our last goal to pray and fast and the lord would help. Well, he did and it was great to see that after all that we ourselves can do it is the ´big man upstairs' that really gets stuff done. 

I also learned this week to boldly declare the truth whenever you need to. There are many situations that if you wait to treat the problem it only gets worse. To get what we need to get done and get it done the right way we need to take charge and go for the goal. 90 percent of victory is the mental decision to win. 

Lets decide to be winners. haha

I love you all and wish a great week to every one. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

district meeting

and me and my companions new ride

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