Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Mid-mission Tiring Hits - 23 June 14

Dear Family,

Despite the Extra pday this week and the extended pday we have today I am still exhausted. We left the house early everyday this week to do extra visits and we spent 5 hours painting a ceiling for our investigator. Then, we battled the entire week with one umbrella against the rain. This area gets really, really muddy when it rains. Overall, I am very happy to rest a little today and prepare my body for another week.

Also, I am fighting another infection in my armpit. I decided not to take pictures. It is almost the same thing I already had so Sister told me to buy the same medicine and treat it the same. It is so itchy but atleast it doesn't make my clothes dirty. 

We had kind of a sadder week too. We had to cut two families that we were helping so much. They both had recognized the spirit and had accepted the spiritual responses to prayer but were unwilling to make the huge change and follow the response. I used to think that getting the response was the hard part. The hard thing is being able to recognize and follow. 

Me and my companion are playing so much monopoly deal. We shower faster and get ready faster so we can squeeze in a game or two. unfortunately, we have decided that it just all depends on how much money you draw not on how you play the cards. But we still enjoy it. 

I don't know if you guys watch the United States games in the World Cup but yesterday a member was calling us and telling the score as we proselyted. I got so excited when we almost beat portugal then they scored in the last 20 seconds. It was a bummer because our district is 3 americans and one guy from portugal. it would have been hilarious especially because everyone considers the US a really weak team. 

Me and my companion have done a lot of study together about the How to missionary work. We are supposed to invite everyone to go to church and be baptized, we are supposed to teach and clarify incorrect doctrines to increase peoples understanding and faith, and we are supposed to do everything in our power to help the people , but How are we doing that. Are we showing love? I loved a scripture this week in Alma that says that the sons of Mosiah couldn't imagine that one person not accept their message and have to suffer for their sins. they desired to testify boldly and humbly to every person to help them in life not condemn them. it is really important for us to realize that we are not the Judge just the messenger. I loved Bryan´s testimony too about humility. Just because we know the truth doesn't make us better that others. So we need to share our blessings and love everyone. its simple right. if only but that's why it says we should beg our Lord so that we can have Charity. He will help us.

Well, Good luck especially to Daniel at work Crew. You are going to love it. Aubrey, it is your responsibility to send a ton of card to daniel from all of your friends to make him feel real special. ok. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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