Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Brazil Defeats Chile and No one goes to Church - 30 June 14

Dear Family,

We had a good week, not the best not the worst. We lost three days of work because of the games but managed to scrape up some good numbers and unfortunately didn't get anyone at church. Basically, brasil started playing on saturday at 1. the fireworks were going off all through the game and almost through the night and almost everyone went to some sort of party. So, we had a lot of tired members. parties until 3 in the night make church at 9 really difficult. Even  though the games cost us work i think its better that brazil is staying happy. There is apparently a lot of dislike of the government for spending so much on the Cup.

I was just asked my Mom, if i was giving 100 percent spiritually. It reminded me of a very important aspect of the mission. There have been several occasions that I have really prayed for miracles and received them. there have been times when I poured our my spirit to have a doctrinal question answered and it was. It is really unfortunate that I haven't been using my spiritual strengths to bless the members with prays and thoughts. There is really a potential to give more. But, i am happy to recognize this now and not at one year and 9 months.

We have noticed some of the negative effects of being americans and the help that a member here can bring. We have noticed that lots of people are less willing to accept a foreign message from two foreigners. Using a member, especially a friend can really put the punch to our message. We are just shocked some times when we literally have to blatantly tell people that the first vision´s truth proves that only this church is true before it clicks that this could be important to them. It can get really frustrating.

But, the mission continues. my rash in the armpit healed again. these rashes are getting on my nerves. I have lost a little weight again do to exercising. I did a huge workout the other day during the game and finally made the cold shower feel good. Its better to get in shape now than in the last month of the mission. haha.

We found a lot of my favorite investigator type this week. People that don't believe that there can be a true church because all the churches have problems. I just love to invite them to church and tell them without a doubt that this church doesn't have  a problem. (well, besides some members). The church is perfect the members aren´t.

I have been trying to convince my companion to go to BYU with me after the mission. He hasn't applied for any colleges and is a really, really good baseball catcher. I told him to try out for BYU. I think after the mission ill have collected a nice collection of roommates at BYU. perfect right.

well, now i'm just kinda rambling, just know that i am super happy, working really hard, liking the World Cup, and doing my best.
Have a great summer week full of surprises and fun times.
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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