Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Loving Boldness Balance - 8 Dec 2014

Dear Family,

This week was great. even though not full of visible success, at least I am feeling very refreshed and full of energy. 

To start off we had a day of record breaking rejection. We had 12 marked visits and we were super excited to visit tons of people. Well, we ended up with one planned visit and the rest addresses. So it was a rough disappointment. 

But secondly i learned another lifelong principle. The importance of always reading the scripture and gaining more knowledge. We have been challenged to read the book of Lucas during Christmas to prepare. even though I just finish reading Lucas I am learning tons of new things that I didn't catch the first time. Also, I basically took the whole week to do a deep study of Revelations and ended up filled with hope and a larger urgency to share this message. Not to mention that my testimony was strengthened. 

We also had a very productive lesson with our Recent Convert that has had tons of bad luck with his schedule and sicknesses and has missed church for almost 2 months. He lives in rough situations with lots of people that always talk bad about the church. I don't want to list the specifics but he is not questioning his faith but surprised at the continued attacks against him. He has not yet developed a testimony that this is The Church. But he knows that he feels really good and told us that he did not mess up in becoming a member. We were able to understand in this lesson more about the difficulties of converting and the opposition that comes instantly upon becoming a member. 

We have been being very open and bold in our lessons during this transfer. Following Lucas´s council in Acts to declare the truth with boldness. Unfortunately I think we have been leaving behind a little of the love that Jesus Christ taught us. Yes we have to teach the truth but we need to do it in a humble and loving manner. 

Some people don't accept this message because it is bold, because it cuts through some of the comfortable areas in our live, and because it requires a lot from the followers. But, that is part of the harvesting process. if you can, please keep Leonardo Duarte in a few prays. He is a great man needed just a little comfort. 

Also, we had the surprise of an x-investigator that showed up in church and asked us for council for her life. She is a separated mom with twins and has been very weighed down by the family and father and just life. We again promised her about the blessings of the gospel. I don't know if she was satisfied with the response but I felt good that we helped and that she trusted us. 

I think you can tell that it was a good week. Just see how the mission requires your heart might mind and strength. That's a lot. 

Have a great week, And best of wishes with the move. Can we live close to the beach?

this is the family of our other recent convert. we need to baptize all but 2. haha

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