Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Turkey Lunch-The First of Many Miracles - 1 Dec 2014

Dear Family,

This week was fantastic. Unfortunately my time is quickly ticking away and I want to tell you everything. 

We started off with a week searching for a miracle and started off with a wonderful family that accepted everything and was gunna be super cool to bring to church until we found out it was all a bluff and we never found them again. It was weird how deceived we were. Apparently, the husband didn't like the idea of getting married and spent the week running from us. Really sad but we had a restart button when it got to Thursday. Thanksgiving

You will see if you haven't already the picture of our achievements. Actually I didn't really do much but it was a group effort. Our district Leader bought a 30 dollar turkey and we had a feast at the church. Even though I only provided the soda we all helped. haha

We had our goals again to achieve the standard of Excellence again. yes this was the seventh try. just to see how hard it is. Man my English is getting terrible. Well, this week we finally got it. After an investigator showed up in church after 2 weeks without contact from us and then we went out side of the chapel and instantly got one more visitor, we got our goal of 4 visitors and afterwards we marked two potential baptismal dates for next week. 

we just continued to feel the blessing as we finished off Sunday with 15 lessons and 14 addresses. it was awesome. We even got the last address in the rain and the lady told us we were very courageous. just a great day. 

Oh I forgot to explain our pday activities. so in our house we have compiled over 8 nerf guns to just about ever pday we have nerf gun battles in the house. Last week we even dismounted the beds to make forts in the house and draped sheets and other things over all of our stuff so that finding the darts afterwards was easier. 

Have a great week. I really enjoyed mine. I love listening to the words of the prophets as finally the Ensign from conference got here. 

love you all
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)



thanksgiving feast

i just thought that this tree made the ground so pretty. if i was a girl this photo would have been better. if you want photoshop aubrey or brealynn in. 

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