Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Searching for the Miracles - 15 Dec 2014

Dear Family,

Should I start off with the bad news or the good stuff. I think ill put it in the middle to no-one notices. So I'm going to stay in my area with my son (the missionary that I trained). We are excited despite how sore we have made ourselves after literally working to death. We were even lamenting during the week that I hadn't taught him a lot of English and now I have the chance to teach more. We are going to step it up a level and really push ourselves even more. 

So the rough stuff. I was leaving the internet cafĂ© last week and I realized that my camera wasn't with me. I had just finish to send the pictures to you guys and I went back in and unfortunately did not find my camera. In other words, it was taken. I put up a sign offering 50 dollars but I hasn't shown up. I think ill go the rest of the mission using the camera of others and sending photos from other people. I'm also going to start a recovery process by buying a flash drive and getting old photos from x companions. I have been sad all week that I couldn't take pictures. 

Well, the other cool thing of the week was our Christmas Party (Missionary Style). The mission gave us 200 dollars for one day of parties and I took the lead in organizing a super unhealthy lunch. We bought a pizza per person. 10 liters of ice-cream, 4 cakes and over 30 liters of soda. It was ironic that my mom asked me this week about my stomach. Just as a general report, my stomach is really happy. I haven't had any problems despite the wonderful diet!

We also had a great experience this week. An old investigator from Elder Olsen came to church after several weeks and wanted us to teach her again. We went on Monday and she accepted a new baptismal date and is really looking for a new direction in life. Unfortunately, the is suffering a lot because of her family and is not able to give this message the time that it deserves but she is reading pamphlets everyday and praying along with the Book of Mormon. One day the message will touch her enough so that she has the courage to act. 

I love you all and look forward to seeing everyone in the skype call that will only be 40 minutes this time. Have a great week and the best of wishes to all of you. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

us doing a move

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