Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stake and Zone Conference - 18 May 2015

Dear Family,

This was a very, very let me repeat very stressful week and I finally managed to relax. It all started as we realized that we had the potential for a very good week. So, every time the week starts off good there is more expectation and more pressure. Then we realized that this Sunday would be stake conference and that all 18 missionaries would have to bring the investigators from long distances to the chapel. Lastly, we had to plan a zone conference on Saturday that we knew was going to throw off our work. I am really trying during my mission to recognize when i am using excusing or when there really are reasonable reasons for lack of success. I think just looking at our efforts it should have been better but we didn't end up that bad. 

Anyhow, I'll tell you how I got over the stress. I finally after 1 years and many months without really getting to do one of my favorite hobbies, rallied the missionaries into playing volleyball together this morning. even though I am in the internet cafĂ© sweaty and stinky I feel so happy. just like I felt after every practice or game when I got home, sat on the computer and got my homework done without taking a shower. haha. 

We also had a very sad lesson yesterday. We visited a less active family that has passed through a very challenging few years and need a lot of love, humility, and forgiveness. After 5 year outside of the church their hearts are turning very hard and it only gets harder and harder after that. I started off the visit just kind of jokingly telling them that forgiveness heals any damage and she spent almost an hour trying to convince me that it wasn't. Unfortunately, the problem is and will always be a question of forgiveness. The forgiver is always the winner. on this earth and in the eyes of God. Of us it is REQUIRED to forgive ALL men. This is a very important scripture for church activity. 

I am so sorry. I did not take any photos this week and I also have lost contact of Elder Knudson and the pictures that he has. 

But, have a great week and enjoy the almost summer vacation. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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