Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Second Try - 3 Nov 2014

Dear Family,

So, the last weeks efforts were training for this week. We destroyed the Excellence Standard as far as numbers but unfortunately Sunday was a holiday and we didn't have anyone at church. 

We taught a record high 50 lessons in the same week and we spend 2 days this week with members. The youth here are so good. they work with you almost everyday if you want. this Wednesday we are going to do visits with us and 3 seminary students. It'll be a crowd. We also had the opportunity to meet some cool people this week.

It all started on Saturday when we were at the end of the week with only 1 person confirmed to go to church. We decided to pray and ask for guidance and new plans. We started to work again with only 2 hours to find and within 1 hour had already confirmed visits with 3 more people. In this time we found a retired military cornel that is very studied in religious topics but never received the messages. he accepted us open heartedly and ended up giving us a book of the history of the city. We had a great lesson at church and i was sad that he missed it. The signs of the Second Coming. I am convinced and converted again that if a Loving Creator exists it must be our Heavenly Father and this is his restored church. What an excellent and perfect plan. 

We have also been helping a woman who has read the Book of Mormon completely to stop smoking. She has gone from 8 per day to 1-2 but unfortunately she had a relapse on Saturday and is in need of prayers. She wants to be a better person but these addictions are stopping her plans. 

on a good note I wanted to celebrate through email a happy Birthday for Daniel. Can you believe that with everyone talking about the American Halloween this week I remembered that there is a event even more special in our family. Happy Birthday Daniel. The best of wished to you during this year. Good Luck at pageant and I hope you get on the work crew. you´re awesome. just stay that way.

I also with Christmas in mind I am wanting more peanut butter. 

That was just kind of a random thought. I said that no-one went to church but in fact, Leo Duarte went to church and organized a time to go with another member to buy a white shirt and tie. I try to take a super spiffy picture of our recent convert in the sweet clothes.

Finally, I had an idea to make a scripture case so this morning we went to a members saddle shop and bought leather. I am going to do my best to put my boy scout skills to the test and make a scripture case for hopefully the rest of my life. 

Thanks for the letters and messages this week. I hope you all are enjoying the cool weather as it gets nice and hot here. 

I love you all,
Andrew Jacobson

me and my companion and some mountains

the center of the city. on a very uncrowded day

me and a puppy

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