Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Let's See the City - 10 Nov 2014

Dear Family

This week was excellent. With our multiple attempts to reach the high standard of excellence we have gotten super tired. But, remembering back to my days as a greenie, I never felt really ´tired´. My companion really helped me out this week as we woke up earlier that 6:30 three times and taught lessons in the morning everyday except one. In the end we fell short by one lesson and a few investigators but it was worth the efforts. We finished off the week with a little adventure and a transfer call confirming that we are going to stay here together to finish training. Hurray. 

We spent a good part of the week preparing for a huge open-house/ food storage training/ missionary exhibit. It was announced on the TV it was broadcasted on the radio and blasted in the streets by the most annoying advertising tactic and in the end not a single person came because of personal interest. So we hit the streets. we started inviting people personally as they passed. I grabbed a big piece of paper stood in the middle of the street and waved a sign that announced the open house. In the end we introduced the church to 42 new people and even marked a baptismal date for a man that walked in and felt the spirit. It was quite the experience. 

We have been working with people all this time with the question as to why people don't ever say no to us and seem to accept our message but then reject it. We learned that it is just a natural custom and habit and internal desire to not argue with others and to have more ´peace´. The Brazilian people do not like to offend others and always avoid contention. Unfortunately this leads us to be very confused and even gives the feeling of betrayal and deception at the end of the day. 

Yesterday we spent over 40 minutes with 2 women testifying more and more clearly that this is the Church of Jesus Christ, that he doesn't have another path for us and that only this church has his authority, until one of them finally asked of we believed that people wont be saved if they´re not in this church. This is Exactly why the church dedicates so much time to teach people about the restoration. It is necessary. They both despite the bold words and testimonies, accepted the invitation to pray and discover for themselves

Then we got to climb the mountains and see the city. We have a lunch once per month that is just below the highest part of the highest mountain in the city. We decided to climb it afterwards and snap some pictures. I hope you all enjoy. I'll describe my area when I send the picture. 

Overall, the week was great. My companion learned to pray in English and I having a great time memorizing the first vision. We wants to learn the entire first message too. 

Have a great week and I hope someone special enjoys a special day sometime about now. haha

Elder Jacobson

This was a camera option. It shows almost the whole city

If you can see the only yellow big building. you will know that everything on the far side of that land mark is our dominion. 

We laughed to think of lion king.  Simba, everything that the sun touches will be yours.

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