Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Meeting with a Seventy - 17 Nov 2014

Dear Family, 

We had an amazing and super tiring experience this week to receive a visit from Presidente Mazzagardi, the area 70. It all started on Wednesday and I hope that you pay close attention to really understand how tired I was afterwards. 

We ate a quick lunch on Wednesday and started our travels at the bus station at 2 in the afternoon. We showed up at the next city to the east at 5 o´clock and had a 7  hour layover. Luckily I had already served in this area so we went to the other missionaries house. At 11:30 we began our next 7 hour leg of the journey. After a pretty much restless night we got to our next checkpoint and got the last 1.5 bus to the meeting. After walking about 30 minutes we showed up at the meeting with about 5 minutes before 9 when the meeting would start. We had an excellent meeting but I'll explain after this part. The meeting went until 1:30 and we ate lunch and it just so happened that the food ran out so at about 4 we went to buy ice-cream as a district. At 6:30 we started the return travel. 8 o'clock at night we showed up at the old checkpoint waited until 1am to get the next bus and showed up in our city again at 9:30am Friday morning. We then quickly unpacked did a small training and proceeded to Lunch and didn't get home until 9 that night. Then we slept peacefully. I was more exhausted then I ever felt playing sports or caving because it was a tired that seemed like I had been feeling for years. But, all is better now because it is P-day. 

The two highlights of the week were the conference and a Lesson we had with an English teacher. 

The conference was really spiritual. We learned about the importance of the message. The goals of the Church and the desires to grow and prepare for the Second Coming. We learned tons about eternal families and our larger purpose on this earth. The 70 told his conversion story of him visiting the sealing room in the temple and feeling that the church is true. I was inspired by his knowledge of the scriptures and his complete testimony in the Restored Gospel. We learned that the Vatican has a room with 15 chairs and they don't know why? 12 apostles and 3 people in the presidency. They even have a baptismal font. I was also inspired to travel in the future and learn more about world history. 

The other highlight was a great experience with a man that really wants to change his life. We have been working with a woman during a month and she has not been able to drop the addictions. We have been feeling that for some time she wasn't really punching herself. Then we heard about a man that came to church(in the other ward) last week and wanted to be baptized but couldn't because of drug, smoking and drinking addictions. We went to his house because we heard that the Sister Missionaries that had traveled had forgotten about him. The sisters hadn't forgotten about him but the lesson fell through and when we showed up he was really happy and was expecting a visit even though the sisters had not planned on visiting him. We saw his desire to change and challenged him to drop all of these addictions the same day and we marked a baptismal date for this Friday(his birthday). Even though the sisters from this point are teaching we were super happy to see him at the church on Sunday with the goal to be baptized and he said that he hadn't touched anything bad. It goes to show the pure and necessary desire to end with your addictions. 

I want to wish Brealynn a Happy Happy Birthday and I wish you the best two months as you continue to prepare for the mission. 

Have a great week I love you all
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

epic nerf battles in the house

after 24 hours of travel I met up with a fellow district member from the MTC

we did a quick travel to the infamous colatina but we found a really cool statue a replica of what they have in rio de janeiro

Another picture of our area

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