Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Robbery and Prayer - 14 April 14

Dear Family,
Don't worry I wasn't robbed just a letter from a member in our ward. The letter had a nice rip in the side covered in tape and i was left with just a picture of a baby. not even a baby  that i know. Sorry, I forgot to bring the card to the Internet cafe so I don't remember the name of the family but I will write them a nice card. I hope they know that the thought was felt and i am still grateful for the present that didn't make it. Darn.

So, Super PDay was super fun. But I ended up super trunky. But, that ended quickly as we started the week and just worked. I cant believe they ended Hobbit 2 at that part. I was so proud of the director that he always left off at a really good part and a partial cliff hanger. What a letdown? Superb Day next year i'll watch number 3 haha.
So, I finally got a satisfactory excuse to not go to church. haha We helped an investigator with their move the saturday of conference and he was super grateful and excited to go to conference with his family. He has a car, a rare fortune here so we didn't think to confirm a ride or anything with them. So, conference came and passed and they didn't go. Finally we made contact with his wife this week and found out that his has been in jail for 9 days. The car that he had just bought was stolen and the lady promised  the ownership papers in a week because she was going to use them for something. Well, she disappeared and at 4 in the morning last sunday he was taken to jail.  I hope that he gets out soon. He has promised his wife and mom that he is going to dedicate his life to Our Heavenly Father when he gets all of this cleared up.
So, there has been tons of pressure to baptise people really fast here. With people saying that it is a lack of faith if we think they need more time or that we are slowing down their salvation it is hard sometimes to accept the answers from the spirit and baptize someone when you know they are ready. This week we have two people that have expressed desires to get baptized this week but they haven't gone to church. They have missed the last three sundays and i feel that they need to go to church, get to know the ward, and show desires to stay firm in the church. But, the opposition is saying that the Lord wants baptisms and that it isn't required in the scriptures to go to church. so, finally i decided to pray.
Why does it always take us so long to pray sometimes? Don't we trust in our Father in Heaven? During my first prayer I felt impressed to read the qualifications to be baptized. Sure enough one thing was missing. They need to show fruits or desires. Not going to church is a fruit. So, I prayed again asking specifically about the day our investigators could be prepared. As I asked about each day specifically I was filled with peace or confusion. It was obvious that the dates were chosen by the spirit. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost that lets us be guided without having to trust in our own wisdom. I hope next time I can think about this solution earlier and trust the response faster.
I am so grateful for this Gospel and the peace we receive from this message. I know that this message can bring more happiness and joy to anyone that wants to accept it. The more we put in the more we get.
I love you all tons, Happy Easter
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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