Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Conference in the Field - 7 April 14

Dear Family,

So, this week went great. 5 solid days of work and a nice break to listen to the entirity of conference. We didnt even get to do work inbetween the sessions because our area is 45 min from the Chapel. 

so, the sicknesses all passed this week. I have been healed almost completely. I think a scar might stay on my armpit. that was really quite an annoying pus-maker. and then 4 days without eating very much. this week i changed that by learning how to make popcorn on the stove and eventually making a sweet popcorn with condensed milk. i dont know why we dont use this stuff in the states. it is so good. But I ran out of it on Saturday and now I am going to buy more. so maybe not the most healthy choice but trust me that my diet is already super healthy here. 

I have been taking this transfers extra study time to retrain myself with the training material that the new elder has. It is great to get a second chance with the training before I may be trusted to train someone. There was so much good information about the work with members and the use of the spirit that I totally missed the first time arround. I am so glad for the knowledge that we have a God that loves us, a Son that knows our struggles, and the Spirit that conforts and guides us. Then, we get a loving family and church organization to tie it all together. Just another blessing of the gospel. 

Conference was awesome. The only dissappointment was that our investigators did not come. I feel like something just is not right. We really did our best to help everyone. I, being an inexperienced senior companion, have managed to use all of our minutes on the cell phone two weeks too fast and now we will need a lot more faith. 

But, conference. We had 8 americans cramped in a small secretary´s office to watch in english. through the freezing screen and sessions taking more than 2 and a half hours. we all managed to feel the spirit. I recieved two answers to prayer and tons of confirmations to the thoughts and learnings that I have studied during the last month. Line upon line really wasnt just a catchy idea that the prophets thought of. I was so grateful for the words of inspiration, incouragement and warning. It never hit me harder that to show our love for Our Father we need to obey him. this life should be so simple. keep the commandments and you will be fine. we dont need a complex solution. It also has been hitting me so hard that you cannot give more to the Lord than he can give to you. As I try to dedicate all my thought to the missionary effort I know that his efforts are focused on helping me and leaving blessing for me. Who do you think is doing a better job with their efforts? me or Our Heavenly Father. We truly are blessed as we dedicate our efforts to the Lord´s vision for us and His world. 

Today we have earned what is called a Super-Pday. we are going to the chapel to watch Hobbit 1 and 2. ok i didnt think it was allowed either. but, its not like im going to miss out on such an opportunity. Sorry, that wasnt to make Bryan jealous. I bet you are doing fun things too. I especially love my twin. 

But, I dont have words to describe my thanks. But, I hope to show my thanks through my work in the future. I hope we can all maintain the spiritual feelings we felt at conference. 

Elder Jacobson Andrew

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