Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Year, New Area - 29 Dec 2014

Dear Family,

Well, unlike I just said this Thursday that I am going to stay in my area another 6 weeks. I received a phone call last night telling me to pack the bags because I was transferred. Another Emergency Transfer. I don't know where I'm going but I think my ´son´ is going to be a senior companion because president called me the Saturday before and asked if I thought that he would be ready. Let´s see. 

We had a great week. I hope everyone liked the skype call. What a tragedy that it couldn't be longer. The time flew by so quickly. I was happy to see everyone so happy and ready to do great thing in the near future. If you haven't noticed, it appears that the happy nest of little birdies is finally sending off 5 little ´mature´ birds learning how to fly. But don't worry parents. As soon as we know how to land in the nest again we´ll always stop by. We love you both so much for the marvelous examples of wonderful parents. We hope to be just like you guys one day. 

We had a cool Experience this Sunday with service. As we were walking we saw an older man and two young women carrying buckets and using wheel barrows full of dirt and broken bricks. We offered to help and they didn't want to force us but we decided to help anyway. We ´asked´ for permission to help and grabbed the shovels to start working. 40 minutes later, soaked with our own sweat we finish they project that they had been doing for hours that day. Even though the pants got dusty and the tie stained, I think it was worth the sacrifice to help this family and it seemed like the whole neighborhood seemed to notice our efforts. Taking advantage of the situation we taught the whole family and had a wonderful lesson. The five members all promised to visit the church with us to see ´the true church´. 

But, with this transfer I'm on a tight schedule to pack up my stuff and catch a bus here in 5 hours. Have a marvelous week and enjoy the rest of the holiday. I want a response from everyone about the most important thing that happened this year. 

Então, esse foi meu ano completo na missão. Foi maior do que alguns batismos, um monte de endereços e bastante boa comida. 
Foi uma continuada conversão de minha alma e um testemunho compartilhado. Foi um coração, toda força, toda mente, e toda fortaleza dedicados pra ensinar O Caminho de Salvação. Esse Ano eu me tornei uma testemunha ao mundo da veracidade deste evangelho restaurado e o amor de nosso Pai Celestial. A experiência que mudou minha vida foi escrever a mão do Senhor no meu dia a dia. Assim, eu vi a Sua obra e conheci meu Pai. Que nós fiquemos firmes no evangelho e levemos mais ovelhas ao bom Pastor é minha oração e desejo em nome de Jesus Cristo. Amém. 

This was my year written in Portuguese. Have fun translating. 

Love you all,
Andrew Jacobson

This is the man that found my camera. and took a selfie. haha

the family that we met with the wheel barrows

and thus our time together comes to an end. I was never happier on my mission. 
love this guy like a brother

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