Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

And A Happy New Year - 5 Jan 2015

Dear Family,

As I wrote last week I was transferred. I showed up in Vitória on Tuesday after a really long bus ride to meet up with my companion and some friends at the mission home and then I discovered that I would be returning to the city where I started the missions. Campos, Rio de Janeiro. Looks like I'll be having my Birthday in the same zone. I think a party is already being prepared haha. 

It was difficult to separate from my son. He is such a good missionary. Well-prepared and perfectly humble. It was great to have worked so hard and leave an area knowing that you did your absolute best. I also was happy and shocked to hear that my son is already the senior companion. I am proud to have served with such an exemplary missionary. 

My new companion is Elder Gozetto. He has 1 year and 1 month, today! and we met in Nanuque. He is a great guy. Funny, we became easy friends. the members here love him so it makes some things easy for us. Now, we just need to get the gears cranking on our work efforts. We have some great potentials and I take care of a District that works well. no one has troubles with companions and everyone is at least happy. 

The greatest instant joy when I got here was to see a family that we baptized that is really active in the church whose son will go on a mission next year. Also, the next day we met up with 2 young women that were baptized and they are preparing together to serve missions. it was awesome to see them again and see the conversion over time. already it is apparent and obvious that our efforts are multiplying everyday. 

We also had some troubles this new year and I will never forget. So we had to get home on new years eve at 7 to avoid parties and other things. but when we got there, the apartment didn't have water and no-one could take showers or prepare to sleep. so we had a brilliant idea. lets go to the church. So, the other missionaries took showers using buckets and I just decided to wait until the next day. But, as we were leaving the church we had some problems. We locked the keys inside. Rats! after 30 min of efforts to get back in we decided to hop the fence and leave our keys. Well, our last plan worked out but we got home all sad at about 11. it was a pretty sad new year. and I didn't even see a firework. 

As far as investigators this week we had a few sadness's and a happiness to see a visitor from over an hour away that came to visit. We should be using a bus this Tuesday to visit him in his city. hopefully everything works out. 

But one thing is for sure in this new area. As much as anyone says. Teófilo Otoni was really hot and the hills are so tiring. this new area doesn't have any hills and even though the sun in constant it is not nearly as hot.

 I wish a great week to all of you and a great year. make some great goals because they come true if you want them to. 

Elder Jacobson

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