Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Magnifying Our Callings - 2 Feb 2015

Dear Family,

I learned many things this week that will apply to the rest of my life. But we will start with the most recent news that I am going to stay in this area with the same companion and it will be awesome. 

I will start with an explanation of our crazy schedule this week.  It all started when the other missionaries found a really cool investigator who wanted to be become a member this week and I went to do an interview. We woke up 4 am to get a bus and showed up at the interview 9 am. unfortunately she was not at home and we basically waited the entire day waiting for her which kind of messed up our plans for the rest of the day but that alright. The tiring thing was that we got home at 10pm. This means that we spent 18 hours in a shirt and tie. New Record. haha. But, the next day was interviews with President and someone needed to open the chapel at 6:30. Of course, I was chosen. and after 6 hours of sleep I was in a suit and tie to open the church. Hopefully I didn't appear super tired during the interview. Regardless of my personal conditions, the interview was a special experience for me. It is such a wonderful thing to have a spiritual ´captain' that trusts you and places his confidence in you. 

During the middle of these interviews I was in charge of a District Meeting and knowing that the President´s wife would be present, I prepared all the best. It also happened to be the last week of a missionary from our District and we have a tradition to do a small funeral service. We were unsure is president´s wife would like it so we did it anyway and she ended up liking it a lot. I did a small training using the movie, Miracle on Ice, and inviting all the missionaries to be on the same team. 

The other special part of the week was just before the end of our Friday. We were tired and without plans. Then an idea came to mind. Lets see how many addresses we can do in one hours. Wow it was awesome. We were filled with tons of energy, called the other duplas to have everyone do it together, and started talking. In less than 35 min we had 18 new addresses and both off the other duplas got more than 15. just to do a comparison. Generally we do 45 addresses in the week. That was the kind of energy that we need to have all the time. 

I have been thinking about the best ways to lead others. Example is an obvious response but what do you do when others are not following your example. As a leader are you supposed to get angry or just ignore it.  I read the scriptures and words of the prophets and I think i am coming to a conclusion. Joseph Smith was asked many times how he was able to govern or lead such a large and spaced out group of members. His response, Teach them correct principles and they will govern themselves. I have decided that it is the responsibility of the leader to always leave a good example and lovingly teach the correct principles and let everyone have agency.

It was a great week to think lots and work hard. I loved the feeling of the spirits company this week helping me. It was really an energy boost knowing this week that the family has another one of God´s servants on the mission. She is going to be and already is awesome. 

Have a great week and lots of optimistic thoughts this week. 

Love Andrew Jacobson

Ward Activity Photo

My companions sock

District Meeting

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