Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Desiring Spiritual Help - 19 Jan 2015

Dear Family,

This week was a very special week spiritually for me. I don't have lots of words to write but the power of this week is going to stay with me forever.

First off, I wanted to congratulate Brealynn on a successful 4 month wait and preparation. I hope you followed Bryan´s example and not mine as we all know that he spent much more time on the spiritual preparation than I did. The mission field is the place to be. It is not only in fashion it is the right thing. I think the prophet knows the changes that happen in our conversion by sharing the gospel with others. You are going to love the Missionary Training Center and the experiences there. 

I also learned two very important lessons this week.
 I was privileged to do an interview with a wonderful woman in another area this week. She has an amazing conversion story as she prayed to find the truth. The week that she had prayed she was contacted by the missionaries and received her response when she went to church and felt the spirit of the teachings and the hymns. The interview was awesome. unfortunately she had committed a few errors in the past and felt the need to confess to me. She did the right thing. I felt very impressed and touched that God has trusted young men from all over the world to oversee the personal dignity of his people. She had not confessed these sins in 50 years. I know that she will feel awesome after the interview with president and her continued conversion in the gospel. 

The other experience was a very important principle that was expounded in my mind and heart. You can not serve two masters. I will say honestly that I have not been feeling very prepared to be a leader and have been struggling. also, I am one of the youngest and have to lead others that are more experienced than me. This week we had a problem in our house between two missionaries and almost resulted in further trouble. I call our president and asked for help. We were told to do a sit down chat just like our family always did when there was a problem. I did my best to control the conversation but eventually emotions were expressed that one missionary wanted to leave the house. I was praying with all my might for a way to safe the situation and I felt prompted to call for a 10 min break of scripture reading and prayer. I know it may sound like such a small thing but this small action changed the entire situation. in less that 20 min we were going through the process of asking forgiveness and giving hugs. (Yes, Man Hugs) I was so happy to call president afterwards and report the success. 

Anyway I learned that we are always being watched over and that we can plead and receive spiritual help. 

Have a great week everyone and I am trying so hard to get photos and I hope I will be able too. just wait patiently
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

my district in campos

a pizza that we got. look at my cool Brazilian shirt

our district again eating my Christmas box. haha

our investigator from the other city. he wants to be a missionary too and is really liking the church

eating a├žai. unfortunately I was fasting this day. sad face

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