Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

20. So, this week made a high score!

Dear Family,

. We have a mission goal of 35 addresses that we get to make return visits. This is generally an easy goal especially because almost anyone will accept a visit as long as it is a futuristic date and not the same day. But this week my companion and I did 103 addresses. I already ran out of space in my planer and my companion is close to the last page. Also, none of the missions in Brazil recieved new planers for this transfer. Everyone is cramming and writing new information on top of old planers and using anything they can. It is kinda funny. It just so happened that my companion and I both had an extra planer and we are some of the few with unused planers.

Well, our dream investigators are turning soft(an expression here) meaning that they aren´t progressing and keeping comitments. It is really sad because I know they are missing out on tons of blessing but everyone has agency. The Lord wasnt kidding when he said that the gate to salvation is small and the way is narrow. The world is very good at lolling us away to the things that dont matter. I just hope that they let the spirit touch their hearts before too long.  

We have also met a few inactives this week by accident. They all have the same reason for falling away. They never gained a spiritual testimony about this gospel. There is no other way to convert someone. If they are not spiritually converted they will not stay in the church and survive the trials of this life. I have gotten pretty good at convincing my mind that these things are true but I need to be careful because this convincing will not last through this life and the next. 

But, here is some good news. We have been working with a reference from a member this week. They are a young family and visited the church yesterday for the first time. It has been hard for them because of the time the normal spend at the Beach but finally they both said that a visit to the church was necessary. I cant wait to teach them about eternal families this week and to see their excitement in just one of the blessings of the gospel. I have been studying this lesson all week because it is really a weakness as of right now. 

I cut my own hair this week. I was scared to cut a lot but it is good enough to last a week or two and I will do it again. I must forgive my mom for the stress I caused during my years of hair cuts. I really appreciated all of the time that you sacrificed on my head. 

I also have a picture of a cat from a pet store that escapes everyday after the store closes and wanderes arround. It is kinda funny.

But that is all I have for this week. I am happy to be here serving our Lord. It is truly a gratifing work. Even though it is very hot and I have never sweat more in my life. 

I love you all, Until next week

Elder Jacobson

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