Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

19. This week was a lot better

Dear Family,

This week was a lot better mostly because we  worked so much and there was no time to think about any problems. We are working a lot better together, with only one small bicker. We are really working on serving each other and just talking more as friends. I am helping him with his District Leader responsibilities and he is teaching me more Portuguese. It is kinda funny sometimes because he is from the interior of São Paulo and has a very strong accent, something that just doesn't go away. I have my strong american accent but some investigators understand me better. Not like I understand them better but I thought it was kinda funny. 

We had lots of interesting lessons this week. We are working to hard to find the people that don't go the the beach on the weekend and will progress. But, we ended up this week teaching so many just new types of people. We sat down yesterday in the shade with a lady that literally called us over to hear a message. Her little daughter sat down right in my face and as soon as she found out that I was american she would not stop asking questions. It was like an interrogation. She wanted to know everything about america and it was hard to teach. Our lesson went from teaching one person to teaching 7, including a nude little boy, Kinda awkward. But, they all promised to go to the church and maybe we might get progress out of them. 

We had a great experience with a reference this week too. We were at a members house and we taught the restoration with our eyes closed. During the first vision we asked them to focus on the miracle of the restoration and the people in their lives that should here this message. A name popped right into the moms mind but she only knew the neighborhood that she lived in. So, we spent a little time finding her. We literally clapped at  her house the day that her husband left her after years of a struggling relationship. With my very inadequate experience with these situations I tried to be very sympathetic and we told her that the only thing we have to give is the blessings of this message. We taught the Plan of Salvation and you could feel the peace of the message fill the room. She stopped crying and was already looking more relaxed. I know that the spirit put that name into that members mind at exactly the right moment. It was a great story to report to the member family. 

So, I think I have been a little to thrifty over the last couple weeks as I have saved up almost half of our allowance every time. Not like its bad to have extra money but I don't need to restrict myself. I have saved up 200 reais now and don't really have a way to spend it besides food. Which would not be a great thing for my weight. I think Ill start using a little to spoil my dying companion. (he is not literally dying it is just an expression for a missionary that is finishing). Even though he is super rich. He doesn't spend money that much either. But, I am just so glad that he is not a trunky and lazy missionary. He is not going to stop until maybe the last 4 or 5 hours. Then he will be on a plane headed for home. I think I might be more trunky than he is. 

This week I think I need some advice about the Eternal Investigator. So, I have had 3 eternals so far and everything seems to have gone wrong with the first two because we had to cut them and stop wasting time. It is really tough especially when you have developed a friendship. With the first two I have found that just completely stopping the visits makes them completely forget that they should still read, pray and go to church. But at the same time we cant waste time visiting every day. We have cut down to 1-2 times per week and commitment for baptism every time with my third eternal. It is just kinda awkward when you don't want to get frustrated with them but you don't want to push them away either. What is the advice I need from the experienced missionaries out there?

Happy Birthday Dad, Coming  UP. Remember that age is just a number and that basketball will make you feel young again. I think you always looked so cool when you played. oh,  valentines here isn't until may or June. So we wont have problems of that sort until CARNIVAL. Which is supposedly really bad here in Campos because it is in Rio De Janeiro the state. It is also the last week of the transfer which is not a good combination for those that are finishing the mission. But, we will all survive. 

Overall, good week

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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