Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

21. Efforts to feel the Spirit

Dear Family,
The weeks are starting to feel a bit longer I think. Maybe it is just because this week was kinda hard. With Carnival approaching, even our most interested investigators are going to the beach just out of habit. It is especially tough to find people to teach during the week end just because of the beach. I cant imagine what this weekend is going to be like. I have heard that in some parts of the mission last year president told them to stay in their house for 4 days. Others said that they work all the same. Either way it is going to be an interesting week. We are definitely going to stear clear of the dangerous parts of town.

We are doing everything to try to find, teach, and help people progress in the gospel this transfer. We talk with literally everyone. I can totally see how some missionaries patience wears thin. Every once in a while you just get urges to show scriptures and prove your point but this method is pointless and even contrary to the missionary purpose.

We had an awkward moment this week when we set a goal for a baptism and then found out two days later that they were not married. I don't know how we made this mistake. But we are still going to help them despite the popular idea to leave them and teach `real potentials´. I have been learning from my companion that even though lots of people here will accept to hear your message, they don't really want to change and you have to evaluate the person while you are talking to them. A missionary that wants to be able to rest in house and just share messages can, but they will not be helping the people they need to. It is really difficult to not justify sitting in a house just to avoid the sun with the excuse that you are helping them.

So, the focus this transfer in our City of Campos is to use the spirit during the lessons, on the street, and basically everywhere. The day really depends on how you start it. If you start off studying correctly after getting prepared on time and you are feeling the spirit. You will be able to use it during the day. But you really have to prepare to receive this gift. We have been trying to use the members more because they are powerful sources of the spirit. Even though it takes more work to coordinate the efforts with the members, it is easily worth the time. People really feel the love that the members have for the Gospel.

I have been learning plenty during this transfer and I hope that in the next I will be able to stay in a house with more leaders on the mission to learn from them. Even though they have less personal time. They really dedicate these two years to the lord. There is a difference between dedicating and giving. I have to really do something in these two years.

So, I don't have that many interesting stories or anything. Just work work work. My companion admits to not being trunky but only talkes about going home. It is kinda hard for the guy with more that 18 months left. Just two more weeks and it will be back to normal. No more trunkyness.

Well, Good week for you all. I love you and hope the best.


Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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