Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

14. Hardly seen a cloud in the sky

Dear Family and Friends,
I am happy to report that this week I have hardly seen a cloud in the sky and that the wonderful weather has averaged a comfortable 105. We think it might have hit 110 but we were probably safe in a house during that dilemma. This week I saw a temperature meter that read 97 degrees and that was like at 4:30. Just imagine what it was at 1:00. I have been spared the opportunity of getting burned because of the sunscreen but I have never sweated so much in my life. We calculated drinking over 14 cups of water within an afternoon and not feeling the desire to use the bathroom until that night. In other words, we very likely sweated out a good portion of those cups. The sky is finally showing chances of rain today but it has been looking less likely as I type. I have already gotten a tan line again that would make pageant tans normal. and I would like to say that I was not super white before I got here. 

Well, if anyone sees our numbers we had a record breaking week. We got a new zone leader the last transfers and he is really challenging us to teach more, find more investigators and leave more baptismal commitments. We found over 15 new investigators this week and have left a baptismal invitation with all of them. Every one excepted which isn't that rare though. Anyone will accept baptism if they are promised an answer from Our Heavenly Father. But, no one seems to understand the conditions that we pray with faith, real intent, and sincerely that we will follow the response we get. But, we are still doing our best and just chugging along. 
Unfortunately, we had a big letdown at church. 12 people confirmed on Saturday that they would visit the church. 12 people. And guess how many we had. 0. I couldn't believe it. I had never had such high hopes for a church meeting. I only hear that this is going to happen every single week and not to get worried. It just always makes me a little sad. 

We are teaching this awesome ex- mafia-gang member that had passed years through the trafficking, drug trade, and just other side of the world business (from our perspective). He has totally change his life around after surviving 5 bullets to the chest and 1 in the neck. He is really worried about his family and wants something better for them. He has been studying the Bible and theology for years to try to help his family and he loves all of our messages. Then we he prayed, he said he literally heard a voice telling him that this message is true. He is trying to be a great father. He doesn't have much support from his wife but we are working with that. It is just a really tough situation and we don't quite know all the details yet. We were sad to find out that he accidentally slept in and was planning on bring his entire family to church. But, dont worry, it was like 15 years in the past that he was associated in that business. 

Just so everyone can get jealous about the stuff I got to do here I am sending a picture of my new years feast. Just look at all the amazing meat in the middle and let your mouth drool just a little. Then, I will think about orange bow-noughts and cheesy potatoes. 

I was glad to hear from everyone this week. I did enjoy new year but didst really notice besides that we had to go to our house early to avoid the streets. And they had a music party next-door that was really loud. I hear in the states it is illegal to do that kinda stuff but here it is all fine and our poor Brazilian had to listen to all the nasty lyrics all night. I'm glad I will get to avoid that vocabulary while I am here. 

But, I love you all and hope you are pumped for the Entire Year without your beloved Elders Jacobsons.

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

Maybe that last sentence wasn't very nice. Sorry mom. I know I sound sarcastic but that is how I cope i guess

Love you lots.

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