Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

13. End These Holidays so Everyone can Leave the BEACH.

Dear Family, 

I think the title deserves some explanation. We have been finding lots of really good people to teach but everyone is occupied with traveling to the beach. It is just such a cultural thing here to visit the beach at any holiday. What seems like just a week to our investigators seems like forever to us. I bet the all other missionaries understand that. But, dont really know how i want to characterize this week. It alrealdy seems like a month since i skyped the family. But, what a good experience. I found out after I finished, that my companion had been struggling a lot with connections and was very frustrated. Luckily, I finished and he used the Laptop to finish his call with good connection. Just another 5 months and i will be calling again. OH, Boy. But, there is a lot of work before that day. 

I took a good amount of Christmas pictures to send the family. The one in this email is to crop into the family photo. If that ever works out I would love to see the finished result. I also built my nativity set and the Christmas tree. It felt awfully special. I have not even really started eating the food yet because our fridge is finally not overflowing with chicken, rice, soda, and cupcakes. (a very healthy combination, right). I have managed to lose 2 pounds and stop feeling overly full after lunch by cutting down on portions. It is impressive how many beans and grains of rice we are able to cram down under pressure. We have also been walking faster. Yesterday we walked what we calculate as 5 miles in 45min. typically the walk takes an hour and 10 min but we were flying and even ran a small section despite how awkward we felt. All to get home 5 min late. 

So, we have a new member of the house that i told you about. He is Brazilian, but speaks fluent English, and is almost done with the mission. He is such a good missionary but is very firm about some of his methods. I went on divisions and learned plenty. He has really inspired me to improve. But, some of his costumes such as telling someone boldly on the street that they are sinning because they are not married may be kind of hard to copy. It was really funny during our transfer. He also boldly told a 30 year old lady not to throw trash on the ground. Its not like he is wrong in any way just really bold. Which is undoubtedly a good attribute sometimes. I really learned to just be friends with people that you talk to but be bold about the message that we are bringing. I hear that most Brazilians don't respond to soft pleads to change. you just have to say it (sometimes what appears to be a awkward and rude way) right to their face. It apparently doesn't offend. 

So, I have to confess that the photos are not actually from Christmas. I took them this morning. But  that doesn't change much right? I hope you enjoy all the same. I really enjoyed the apple ornaments. I did decide though that I cant keep everything with me so I left the box labeled as a Christmas box that needs to stay in our house and be used every year for Christmas. I am going to keep the ornaments though. and maybe the little tree if i make room. But your presents will bless the missionaries that live there for years to come. 

I don't really have much more to write. So, I will start sending all these photos.  I hope you enjoy.


Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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