Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

15. Streets clapping

Dear Beloved Family,

I am always happy to write after a week of just hard work. I got 3 more sunburns this week. Only one of them was a lack of sunscreen. Normally, lunch with the members ends at about 2 and we get right into a lesson but this week tons of the lessons were falling through and we were stuck on the streets clapping at doors. I don't mind the tedious door to door process at all. But, the time under the hot sun can get mind numbing. I just remind myself to keep a smile and keep walking because a chosen person must be after just one more house. Also, if we ever need a break we just ask for a cup of water and I have not been rejected yet. Then we just teach in a round about way that is not necessarily a typical lesson but sometimes they become very interested in our message. 

On Sunday we had a Ward Council meeting. Elder Mitchells first. I was just so proud of our small 60 member ward that wants so badly to grow and share this message with their friends. We should have a lot more lessons with members this week. I am really excited for some of the lessons. It should be a really exciting week as we prepare for a baptism.

so I did tell you about the x gang member. He loved church. He was so happy that church didn't seem like a business to gain tithing or to confuse him with doctrine. It was a place to learn and worship. I have been using the churches automatic piano and the members are so happy. I am going to teach a ward member to do it so that when I leave there will not be a problem. But, our investigator got to church at 7:15 and church starts at 8:30. He said that the Lord get their first and then him. He is so spiritual. I hope that his family follows his wonderful example. 

I was super excited today to open my email with 16 messages. wow. I spent 30 minutes just reading. If that was a new years resolution, then I really noticed. Don't think that I have to get 16 every week though. Hearing from Bryan was especially a treat. We have basically no place here to shop for ties. To bad they will all be trashed by the end of the mission though. 

Thinking about the sun burns this week, you don't have to worry. They always go away by the morning and are not painful at all. Maybe the sun is different down here. But, I have been noticing a horrid tan line that has already formed. By the end of this summer my skin is probably going to be solid brown. For sure I will come home the tannest in the family. Just to make Bryan jealous. Just kidding. It will take quite some time at the pool to get rid of it. 

So, I left a picture but that kinda sums up my week, still no rain and plenty of work and lessons. 

Until Next week,


Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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