Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Working with the Converts - 22 Sept 14

Dear Family,

This week was full of exciting activities, wonderful lessons, a powerful spirit, and good memories. We started off last p-day making banana bread. I saw the terrible condition of my bananas and knew exactly what to do. haha. With the help of my companion the house filled quickly with amazing smells of goodness. 

We spend a good portion of the week visiting Leonardo and teaching and testifying to him about every principle of the gosple. We managed to visit two times with members and he is really liking everything. The only thing stopping him from getting baptised is that he doesnt feel a certainty about the book of mormon. But he has read over 7 parts that we marked, he downloaded the app from the church and has started at the beginning listening to it as he sleeps. It was actually the first time this week that I finished teaching everything about the gospel to someone. We also covered topics of excommunication, offices of the priesthood and organizational structure of the church. When we finished the last topic with our testimonies about Thomas S. Monson and the priesthood we asked him again about a baptismal interview. His response was ´Is that the next step?´ We told the District Leader that during the interview just tell him that the next step is baptism and he will get baptized. 

We also had an activity in the church this week and the other companionship made brownies. his actions have inspired me to try to make cookies today. Basically everytime Sister Young comes to the Zone everyone begs for cookies. it is a well known desert among the brasilian members of the Church. 

I am so excited about Brealynn´s call and just all the spiritual growth our family is having. i love telling people that my family is all members of the church. My companion right now is also part of a family of 5 kids but only him and his twin are active and his parents. but his 3 older siblings fell away. I pray that our family always stays strong. Teaching people about eternal families is such a marvilous principle and everyone loves it. 

I dont really know what to write. Oh, the sun was really strong this week. Yesterday I drenched myself with sweat 4 times. 2 times getting to church, 1 time getting to lunch, and one time getting to our area after lunch. I send the best of luck to Brealynn. make sure to buy the lightest temple garmet and bring the lightest clothing you can pack. i hear in João Pessoa they only have two seasons. Summer and you can translate the other one ´inferno´. But, you´ll love it. 

Have a great week everyone. enjoy the baptisms for the dead. (another cool doctrine that is a fruit of the truth). i hope everything goes well and ill be praying for all of you. 

Andrew Jacobson

picture of banana bread 

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