Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Who know not Where to Find It - 15 Sept 14

Dear Family,

This week was another week of blessings and happiness for me. We started off passing lots of difficulties but i didn't even realize until the end of the week. We looked back at our planners and only had 2 visits marked that ended up happening. the rest  didn't happen and we ended up using backup plans and doing contacts in the street. But in the mix of these challenges we were led to find two special people looking for the truth but lost just because they did not know were to find it. 

We started the week during our weekly planning session and my companion had a feeling to try to find new investigators using the apartments. I have the prove because I wrote the idea down. As we started the day the spirit seemed to change all my bias about apartments. After about two buildings I really had to use the bathroom and the choice was between a member's house or asking people on the little telephone outside the buildings. Anyone who has not tried to use someone's bathroom using this method knows that it is very hard. I really wanted to try the difficult method. The first woman that answered started off telling us that she didn't have time but after several minutes of thinking with her secretary she let us in. i used the bathroom and entered the living room with her in a very spiritual conversation with my companion and she asked us for the full message. She ended up in tears of joy expressing the trials she has had to look for God in her life. Then she went to an activity in the church with us and loved it. Also she has twin 6 year olds. how cute

Then the week passed until saturday. it was kinda slow work. as all the lessons were not happening. but then we started confirming people at church and it was going terribly. we finally entered a third backup plan and invited everyone in the house to listen. A man called Leonardo really loved the message and said that he felt a peace that seemed to fill him with joy. He decided because of the feelings to go to the church and experiment in the truth of this message. He ended up loving the church despite talked on temples, eternal marriage and all sorts of baptisms for the dead and even decided to come back latter that afternoon to watch a baptism, our other highlight of the week
We walked very slowly with him back to his house and he ended up accepting a baptismal date of his own. He told us he is a person that is not tricked easily and that this message feels too good to be fake. awesome. 

The baptism was a excommunicated member that passed a 8 year repentance process. He was so happy to be baptized and during the disciplinary council this week president of the mission said that through his baptisms several generations will find salvation. 

Super awesome week, 
I love you all. 
Elder Jacobson

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