Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Teófilo Otoni. New Area with a Special Mission - 25 August 14

Dear Family,

This week was awesome for me. But i don't have that much time so i will try to type quickly and get it all our. Sorry the short responses to all the other emails.

After a wonderful send away from my last branch that seemed to last for 3 days because of travel complication and things on the mission I found out that I stayed in the same Zone but in a different area. This area is the area farthest away from the center of the mission. 12 hours on the bus. Luckily they saved me by letting me stay in my area instead of going to the transfer meeting. the travel was 3 hours instead of 21. i only got sad because my trainer is leaving the mission soon and i might not get to see him. 

President and the Lord have prepared a special place for me and other here in the area. This area has 2 branches and had 4 missionaries. When president came he saw the potential of losing one of the branches and also he felt the preparedness of the area to receive The Message. I am becoming a living witness that our President really was guided by the Spirit. He decided to put 10 missionaries in the area and save this branch. We have what will probably be for me the best district i will have with all missionaries very obedient and energized to preach in this time of need. 

And success seemed to come from the first day. We got to the area and quickly unpacked to as to not lose time in the field. After 5 days of restless work in an area with tons of hills, i am tired physically but super happy in every other way. We worked hard and i mean hard. i have worked this hard before but now it seems harder because I have learned how to make some proselyting activities even more productive. We started by teaching the gospel of faith repentance and baptism to all of our contacts and doing baptismal invites with potential dates if the people would accept. After marking 6 baptismal dates have really been seeing the spirit work wonders. Even though the dates didn't go to church we had three investigators that went to the church seeking a spiritual response and all of them were filled with the desire to return and search for more. The power of conversion in the branch is amazing. 

Because of the distance to the chapel, it seems that only the best of the followers have overcome the temptation to lazily stay in the house. The members are excellent and all willing to do whatever possible to help us out. Despite us getting here without being announced. the members are doing there best to feed 6 hungry missionaries in a branch that only has 25 actives. I was really impressed by the faith and dedication. 

I almost forgot about  my companion. I have another american with 6 months on the mission that speaks portuguese so well. even though my accent isn't going to get better i don't think it will get worse. His name is Elder Olsen and we actually should be going back to BYU Provo at the same time. Finally, i found my roommate. haha. it is going to be great to work with him because he is very good with the mission rules and we are both seeking ways to improve ourselves. Lots of Prayer and faith. Ill send a photo to you guys. The photo of the district will come next week. 

Another cool thing is that Two sisters that were is my district during my training are here too. Even though they are finishing their missions now, it is gonna be great to continue learning and sharing spiritual experiences with them. Just reminded me of the Good old days. 

Well, have and amazing week. i have about another 2 min so enjoy school, church and activities and don't forget to share the gospel when you can. 

Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

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