Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

President Jacobson Week - 11 August 14

Dear Family,
It was a great week made even better by the news from my older sister, Brealynn, that the Family is going to have another missionary. What an excitement!! I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have been given to serve the lord and do my best to share my testimony with others.
This week started off perfectly with a ton of soccer that left me so sore i was basically limping on the streets until thursday. We ended up dividing into 3 americans and 3 brazilians and we won 10-3. USA power. haha
We also planned to have an awesome activity on our activity night that all went sour and then got a little better. I used the idea, taken from my dad from our days in Germany, by grabbing 5 pairs of socks and we played dodgeball with socks in the church. It would have been perfect if more than just kids that weren't the honest type had show up to play. Then with the help of a Sister in the branch, we made hot dogs and had a nice line going until a few rascals started to cut and created a riot. It ended with us making a rule that if you don't go to church on sunday you cant come to the activity because we want to cut down on the little kids that come just to get food and make a mess of the church building. But as we walked home with a visitor he told us how his parents had told him to search for a church and get baptized. he has chosen our church and we will work this week on teaching and preparing him.
We also had a great branch activity at our weekly soup night because of the cold weather. Unfortunately we had to compete with two big birthday parties at the same time. We had several less-actives that went with us and we are really seeing the stronger bonds that the members have. This week we have plans to play flashlight tag on wednesday, a pancake with syrup experience on Friday and more soup on Saturday. I hope that we can get the word out and expect tons of visitors.
I also mentioned last week that i got to borrow a book `a marvelous work and a wonder´ i have already made it past the halfway point because my companion was sick yesterday and i am loving the indepth explanation. I love how as with any gospel principle if we accept the teaching, apply it, and earnestly seek more explanation, our minds seemed to be opened and the joyness of the gospel fills us even more than before. Every day on the mission i am feeling my testimony grow and my desire to serve the Lord the rest of my life develope. There is nothing that can make us happier that to dedicate our time and efforts to the lord.
This week was highlighted by my first experience leading a church meeting. It felt very strange and i didn't realize i was Presiding until i was brought the sacrament first. Weird, my first reaction was... hey go give it to president first. oh... woops. Unfortunately on our father´s day service we didn't have a single father. Both of them were working.
Happy Father´s day Daddy. I don't even know if it was fathers day this week for you. if it isn't there it is here in Brazil. I hope you enjoy one more year of parenthood and that you know how grateful i am to have a dad like you. you have been a real anchor in keeping our family firm and steadfast in the church. I love you so much.
Have a great week everyone and enjoy the photos and films that ill try to send
Elder Jacobson (Andrew)

i didn't like this picture but its of my comp so....

yes my shoes have a hole but i fixed it with some nice strong glue.
hopefully i don't have to buy others.

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