Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ohh, the armpit got worse and then better!

Dear Family,

So, I don't know who saw the armpit picture but I got a better one on its way. dont be worried Ill have Presidents wife looking at it shortly. It isn't hurting anymore but some of my shirts have been left kinda nasty after a hard days work. oh well, my wife will be that much better. haha. 

This week was full of work and I was so happy that my companion is making some changes to work harder. He surprised me by getting up on time and doing a great study a couple times and during planning at night he is really good at remembering tons of people that we can try to visit the next day. we are never without visits or people that should be at home. Much better that last transfer. we are getting really excited for conference and I cant wait to hear the prophet and apostles with investigators. We are inviting tons of people and we have 3 really good families that should go. 

I have really been trying to look for families this week. Everytime i see a wedding ring or a dad with a kid I try to make contact. It can be kinda awkward at times but definitely worth it. I prepared to teach just makes me so happy. I just hope the long bus ride to church doesn't discourage some people. 

So, I have really been pondering a doctrinal thing this week. Our leaders are really stressing to us the power of baptism for a person and the changes they will be able to make after baptism. We were told this week that a person that smokes can still be baptized as long as they are going to keep this commandment and try their hardest still. I am really torn because I am not going to support a baptism of a person that is not keeping the commandments but I also don't want to cause contention on the mission. Because contention is worse than sketchy work. I feel like we a playing around to much with salvation and it isn't right. The assistants surprised us this week and did a division. during the division they visited our investigators after only one lesson and one time in the church. They did a baptismal interview on the spot and marked a baptismal date for the next day. The baptism didn't happen because they of course got scared but then they didn't go to church either. I want to trust my leaders but I have only had 4 bad experiences doing divisions and marking baptismal dates really early. In this case, it not only scared our investigators but they lost an opportunity to go to church. It is such a tough situation for me and a lot of other missionaries. 

also, I gave a talk in sacrament about the Atonement too, I was surprised when my parents gave the same talk. I love studying and preparing but giving the talk wasn't very fun. Just because of the language barrier. I heard about a man that corrected every error that I made to his neighbor. Kinda sad. But, the topic really opened my heart to the necessity of our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope we all strive to focus our faith in Our Salvador. He is the key to our redemption and salvation. 

I also got to help the primary sing a song in English. It was so cute. I am also playing piano because it is automatic again and almost the whole ward thought I actually know how to play all the hymns. Its kinda funny.

But, time ran out . got to go

Love you all so much

Elder Jacobson Andrew

ps Sorry, its really gross when it is not clean. but it is not hurting anymore and is looking better
I love you all


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