Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Saturday, January 23, 2016

First Week of Training - 6 Oct 2014

Dear Family,

This week was marvelous. Me and Bryan continue the twinnesss as we but are training this transfer. I have a Brazilian from Forteleza. The hottest city in Brazil. He grew up in the church and also has a twin. what an awesome combination. He is super humble and a little nervous to do contacts and stuff but during lessons and moved by the spirit he is an impressive testifier and challenges people be baptized much better that i do. He is gunna help me a lot. 

Despite the 26 hours of travel because the bus bas slow both ways we started working without delay and managed to almost reach the address goal with only 3 days of work instead of a week. We brought some great visitors to conference including the amazing Leo Duarte. 

update of Leo. He only drank one little sip of coffee this week and reported that he felt really bad as it touched his lips so he stopped. he will finish the book of mormon today or tomorrow and has finally said yes to a date for this saturday. keep him in your prayers so that he can feel everyday more confident about his decision. 

I really enjoyed conference. It is two days to rest just a little but also to charge the spiritual batteries. Stay in the ol´boat zion. i thought this talk was super simple and true. 

unfortunately i missed hollands and one more talk because of investigators but ill watch them one day. My love for president monson grew also. i teach people everyday about the importance of a prophet but sometimes until i am taught . basically i focused a lot on what the investigators would think and i was very happy with the talkes. 

sorry the shortage of time. i am being 100 percent obediant so only 1 hour on the email. 

I love you all and have a great week. 
study the talks if you can. they are the words of God for us.
Elder Jacobson Andrew

translate this shirt. even though it doesn't make perfect sense in my case

pic of the district and members

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