Vitora, Brazil

Vitora, Brazil

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

17. My training is officially over!

Dear Family,

So, my training is officially over and my trainer is leaving. I was so sad. I have learned so much from him. He is almost the exact type of missionary that I want to be. I would just tweak a few things but I feel so blessed. I have been told by over 10 missionaries and the president himself that my trainer is the best missionary on the field. Kinda a tough compliment for the pride to handle. I felt very privileged. But, I get to stay in the same area with literally 3 baptisms just waiting to happen. So, we have an expression hear that stands for a missionaries pride. it is `Men's Glory´ and it Portuguese it is `Gloria dos Homens´ or `GH´ so to say it is is ´gee aga´. I like to tell him compliments and then say ´watch your gee aga level´. I also learned that Elder Richards who i lived with my first transfer has a goal to be humble enough to see and angle. What an aspiration? Kinda cool to think about. The only problem is that you can never admit to humility because that makes you unhumble. Mind Blown. I hope that is something I can make progress on. 

This week we literally saw the change of a heart and a changed disposition to never again return to sin. Mosiah 5:2-3. so, Keytiene is Elder Mitchells recent convert. She is super elect and an amazing member of the church with a calling and doing tons of splits with the missionaries. She got to know the church when she was young but then her father passed away and the family became discouraged and she was never baptized. During the time that I was in the MTC, Elder Mitchell baptized her and we have been working on her mom ever since. But, she had no desire to stop drinking or smoking. As the transfer starts winding down, Elder Mitchell wanted to visit Keytiene. It just so happened that her mom was there and had miraculously stopped both of these addictions. Being the bold missionary that we need to be, Elder Mitchell challenged her to never again return to these habits and be baptized in the church. Of course she accepted and she quickly rejected several offers to smoke or drink that week as she prepared for her baptism. The she shared a tear filled testimony of the truth of this gospel, the power of baptism and the blessings she knows that her eternal family is going to receive.  Btw, the father that passed away was an active member, I just cant imagine the immense joy that he must be feeling as he sees the gospel changing his family on this earth. What a wonderful story to be a part of. 

That was basically the focus of this week. We have been working a lot with another young family but the spouse travels and wont get back until this Saturday. I am praying that he gets to go to church with his wife and adorable two kids. He has told his wife that he is very interested in hearing our message. They are definitely our focus for the next transfer. I also want to focus is a good sized section of neighborhood that I have not passed through. The people are a bit richer so we will see how it goes. I think I will pray with my new companion when he gets here about another area of focus. It is just much to hard not to have a focus in this area. It is so Big. 

My Birthday was great it landed on a great day too. We started off with District meeting and the sisters made me a cake. Super good chocolate chip brownie cake. then we when to lunch at Keytienes house and had pizza and more cake. Then we went to Suellen´s house, the young couple, and did her baptismal interview. Btw, that made a week of visiting her every day. It just feels like so long to even go two days away from a really good investigator. The we went to a ward integration with non-members activity and got sung to by the ward. I couldn't help but feel kinda special. I think I just might have gained some weight during the time. haha

But, I am nervously going to stay in my area as another missionary brings me my companion. I should meet him Tuesday night. I don't even know what to wish for. I just know it will be for the best. 

I love you all and thank you for the Birthday wishes and support. 


Elder Jacobson 

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